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Week 9 and we are down again, it has 4.20 and as amusing as that number it is - it is very depressing to see with only a few more rollovers left. The SHV decrease was probably one of the few reasons we got bought over by a competitor and every decision we make has to somewhat go through them as well. Our issue this week has gotten to the idle time in Factories, which we didn't realise before we made the call to remove one of our products since it was only giving us a profit of 12K each rollover! we decided to put all our eggs in one basket, an adventure bike which did really well this turn. We still do need to decrease idle time and its coming to the point where we don't know which issue to concentrate on more. The issue this week will be the uncertainty of us actually getting better and how we can go about it. 

Analysis / Action

Since we have been taken over by a company with better SHV, the next steps should be to come to them for advice on how to quickly get a massive boost in sales and reduce idle time and what steps they would take if they were in our positioning. They currently have a near 20 dollar SHV and our goal is to hit somewhere around then before the end of the semester. We have definitely started to improvement in team dynamic and how we talk with each through the decisions but there still is room to improve in terms of success for Mikes Bikes. I don't think it would be considered cheating if i did ask for help from the people that own us, since our problems have kinda become theirs now too (haha) - BUT we 100% need a lot more in-depth guidance that we simply after reflecting and reflecting haven't been able to pin point down. 


Our energy does need to pushed towards facilitating the other team and their goals as well, but we need to have a bit more time to get comfortable around them by looking at things through their perspective and what we are asking from them. By using Schwartz as a basis on the next week with them we can hopefully find a common objective between the teams and find it easier to get through and learn from each other. With them, on what we have done to get to this point and vice versa. There are still some underlying issues with communication since they did tell us to increase our marketing expenditure and told us it would increase out SHV immediately, which it didn't - due to law of diminishing returns ? But next week I hope I can have a positive learning journal for once. 

Schwartz, T. (2007) Manage your energy, not your time. Harvard Business Review 85(10)

1 Comment

  1. Hey Sufyan 

    Great idea to follow Daudelin's framework but I don't think you've properly executed it.  This journal needs to be more about your personal reflection rather than what your team has had a problem with. Because of this, your problem you've identified is rather shallow in depth and doesn't allow you to analyse it properly. The use of the theory also needs to be tied in to your analysis rather than being isolated and your action needs to be more clearly defined. I hope these will help you when it comes to your summative.

    Good luck with this next rollover!