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First of all, what I particularly felt about week 2 is the toughness of MikesBikes simulation to achieve the minimum level of shareholder value of $25. I spent time on this single player simulation as much as possible. However, in the first 10 hours, whatever I did to make the company performance better actually made it worse and worse, and shareholders were always furious at my performance. Without realizing the importance of the quality of the products/services, and awareness of the brand though advertising and PR, I probably could not achieve the minimum requirement of $25. I finally got more than $40 for shareholder value just one hour before the time we have to submit our CV with the financial statement of MiesBikes simulation.

Secondly, We no longer have lectures any more!! The same thing cannot happen to other courses. In week 2, we were finally assigned into groups by submitting CVs which show our characteristics, majors/grades, preferred teams, or the performance of MikesBikes simulation. At the first meeting of our group, we exchanged our personal information ensuring each member’s role of the simulation and briefly discussed about what we are going to do in the following weeks. I personally think that our first meeting was done well because all of members actively participated in discussion and tried to know other members.

In order to maximize the quality of the team performance, I would also like to provide some reflections on the article “Turning student groups into effective teams (Oakley, Felder, Brent, & Elhaji, 2004)”. According to this article (Oakley, Felder, Brent, & Elhaji, 2004), the effectiveness of the team when students are assigned by the instructors tends to overweigh one of self-selection-based teams mainly because already established relationships hardly create or develop the new abilities to solve the problems such as conflicts, and also reduce the opportunities to interact with team members. I agree with this idea because anyway we have to or need to work with people we do not know their backgrounds when we get a job and work on any particular projects. However, I also disagree with this idea when the instructors assign people into groups/teams quite randomly because, in my experience of team working in internship, randomly organized teams sometimes easily create the conflicts or discrimination due to the poor combination of members’ abilities. It is clear that we all have different capabilities or characteristics which can cover the disabilities of others. Therefore, I reckon that our backgrounds or abilities should be carefully evaluated and then assigned into teams as MGMT 300 did. 



Oakley, B., Felder, R. M., Brent, R., & Elhajj, I. (2004). Turning student groups into effective teamsJournal of student centered learning, 2(1), 9--34.


  1. I really enjoyed reading your journal. I too struggled with reaching the shareholder value quickly but finally got it at the eleventh hour so I'm glad you did too! I really liked your analysis of the Turning student groups into effective teams" reading. You have critiqued it with your valid points where you agreed and disagreed. I agree completely that our backgrounds and abilities should be taken into account as its not fair if we are put with someone who didn't try to reach the shareholder value or didn't start early enough and wasn't prepared. Great analysis of the readings and nice journal to read! (smile)

  2. Hey Showhei, firstly to begin with the structure of your journal allows it to be very easy to read as you use your paragraphs to segment your points and experiences in such a way that it flows in a easy and enjoyable way to read. Your experience with the shareholder value was shared with me if you take a look at this weeks reading journal as we both struggled in order to reach the target of $25.

    Your concerns about fairness in regards to different team mates being pared up in different circumstances might be an issue when it comes to doing the work. Another student actually posted a meme that shows how teamwork often plays out in relation to the "hangover" movie cast. The key point in the readings that you have focused on with turning student groups into effective teams has been understood clearly and it shows as you took parts you can use and parts you think might be of little use to help you in the future.

    It is difficult to find criticism but rather to tweak your next weeks journal perhaps create more linkages in the first parts of your journal and directly link them to the readings more as you did in the final paragraph.

    Overall a solid piece of work and I enjoyed reading through and identifying similar thoughts.