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The biggest problem our team faced this week was regaining our composure and deciding on our goals for the next few roll overs. This was a challenge for me because I had lost a lot of motivation to do anything. Our team had been stagnant for the last few weeks and this had destroyed some of the enthusiasm I had for this course. However, making the decision to sell the team we had acquired the previous week allowed myself and the team to properly focus on ourselves (which we didn’t do last week due to trying to help the other team).


The articulation of the problem was that I was unsure of where and what the team would/could do this week to get ourselves back on track. Initially we started hot and I guess that gave me a false sense of security. Over the last few turnovers my ego has taken a hit as the team and I have realised we may not have everything figured out when it comes to mikes bikes.


The action I took was to make myself view this as a new challenge rather than a failure over the last few weeks. The simulation is a learning experience and sometimes the best learning comes from overcoming obstacles. While mikes bikes rewards teams with solid strategies it also comes down to how teams adapt to different situations.


The stagnation of our SHV allowed the team and I to effectively asses the past weeks to try and find what we were doing wrong and changes we needed to make. Although I may have preferred to stay on top of everyone the entire time, the past weeks have allowed our team to get a better understanding of mikes bikes and it will help us as we continue with the course and through other courses as well.  

Daudelin, W. M. (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Organizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36-48


  1. Hello there Ethan.

    Overall great review this week. It is promising to see how selling the team you previously acquired will hopefully help lead to increased motivation when it comes to you within the simulation. You have done well to include Daudelin's technique for reviews as well. One improvement would be to include further readings to support your reflection. This is because it will help develop your summative learning journal when it is due later this month.

  2. Hi Ethan

    It's not the best that your share value has stayed stagnant, but it is good that you are taking this moment to reflect on why that is and how to improve. I would recommend more insight for your journals however, and incorporate theory into your plans, to help you understand your problems and how to improve properly. Good luck