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Ahhhhhh finally the last learning journal!

I thought that for the final learning journal it might be valuable for me to apply Daudelin's learning model to whatever has been the greatest challenge or problem from my experience in the course. Over the past few weeks it has become very clear to me that the greatest barrier to progress and advancement has been a problem of motivation to excel. A general complacency and sense of contentment with the way things are within myself and in the rest of the team is what held us back from making concrete changes and improvements to our approach. We have not had any significant personality clashes or conflict. We have all been pretty much accepting of imperfections and inconsistency in participation. We have not really held each other responsible for results. We have pretty much just gone with the flow and accepted whatever has come. We have lacked motivation to go beyond anything other than just getting by. We have all been filling out our learning journal each week, applying Daudelin's model, but not actually following through with learnings in terms of making concrete improvements.

This realization imprints on my mind the value of motivation and also the central role that the core values of those who form a team or organization in the first place play. It appears that a number of teams in the course have been striving and working hard to succeed. I think the fact that we were group according to our general expectations and desired outcomes has had a great impact on determining how each team would progress. Those which were intrinsically motivated by the prospect of getting good results and good marks have likely done the best. Other groups, like mine, who were more concerned with learning and getting a respectable grade seem to have just cruised along.

So in terms of the practical outcome of this reflection journal, I think I will keep very focussed in my mind that if every I am in a situation where I am going to work with a group of people and it is important to me that we excel and progress in a dynamic way, I'm going to do my best to ensure that the people I work with firstly share a common expectation and passion. And also I will place more emphasis on creating and maintaining motivation. Of course the context will determine what form of motivation will be valuable, but I will have to be creative in ensuring we are all motivated. Otherwise I think I can expect to have an experience similar to working in a team on Mike's Bikes. Pleasant, low stress and socially stimulating, but not necessarily dynamic, progressive and rewarding. 



  1. I like how you've come up with a different subject which I personally haven't seen anyone else cover and at a very appropriate time too as we near the end.  However, you could've furthered this by linking to any theory we have covered throughout the term.  This would have helped to provide a foundation for your thoughts.but overall, I do agree that this simulation hasn't been as stressful as other classes yet I can't say how much I have gained from it.

  2. I very much liked that you had a different approach to everyone when it came to this weeks journal, I think that is excellent as it seems that you have formed a more refined process of reviewing your week. I do agree to some extent that you should have linked it to other theories from the semester, and I think you possibly could have from just a quick read. Overall I like it. I don't know how well you wrote your journals at the beginning of the semester, but this shows an excellent level of reviewing.