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I found that during this week it was just as hard to get into the swing of things.... I remember waking up on Tuesday morning thinking I should probably go to class and attend my 300 group meeting, of course I got as far as thinking about it and then fell back to sleep. I ended up telling them if they needed anything from me fb me. Wednesday was the same, I feel as if our group all understand that we need to motivate ourselves to attend these meet up sessions because discussing our rollover decisions together is much better than communicating of face book. we have acknowledged that we need these meet up sessions which is brilliant on our part, we just need to discuss when we will meet up and actually meet up without anymore intolerable excuses. The excuses need to be iron-clad. Its almost like we should enact punishment on those who do not show up but arguably how on earth could we punish our fellow friends and why would we. we are our own people, and I know i'm feeling guilty for not showing up so perhaps my fellow team members also do. I just feel because I am the HR manager I should be doing something about this but this is just a fake business, really what can I do?? I don't want to be all demanding and controlling and tell them that excuses are null and void from now on out, who am I to judge I mean I would be an absolute hypocrite for saying that. Its not like I can hold a team meeting to discuss my concerns because it cannot be guaranteed they would show up. Who knows, I may have brought my lack of HR responsibility on myself, it seems weird if I try to redeem my role in the organization by trying to redeem other team members responsibilities at the same time.

The reading 'Learning and developing from managerial work experiences' has allowed me to understand that I have learnt from being in this group for only a short amount of time what my role is. I never really thought I would be of great assistance to my group because its all computer and skills based and I thought my group was just awesome. But now I feel as if I'm needed, I feel as if my group is demotivated and needs some motivation, some reason to keep them going for the next couple of weeks. I just need to figure out what I can do, how my role can work for our small organization. More so, I feel like if I can master my position within this simulation, then perhaps I will be able to work my way towards an HR role in a bigger company. I have already developed initiatives in order to motivate my team, I already have some knowledge in which I have applied to a specific situation (my mikes bikes team) and if my procedure works than this knowledge can be used as a starting ground for success. I have also further enhanced my communication skills. The reading also made me think about the wider impacts of HR management initiatives, if I choose to apply this initiative it is a risk and will it even be appropriate for our group. Organizational change can be scary and risky but it can be extremely uplifting and does my team trust me enough to lead this change. How much of an impact will this initiative have on our group dynamics, our SHV, and our competitors. Will our competitors adopt a new strategy and perhaps we find that our old strategy now works better? There are many questions we as a group have to discuss, and in the simulation context we are put in what questions actually apply. To further learn and develop I need to take a step our of my comfort zone, I need to challenge myself by coming up with my own initiatives that I believe will assist the team and then present these to them. There are still many things that I don't agree with but because I lack the experience I refuse to say anything. Maybe its about time I start talking about my issues because this will help me learn and develop, increase my confidence and skills thus giving me confidence to apply for a better job, to talk my current manager about developing my skills or discussing my contract etc. Experience is a key to development.

Human skill is an essential skill, one in which I can greatly embellish and improve in. It is about making sure the group is communicating, collaborating and discussing opinions, problems and alternative solutions. To further develop and learn about management career prospects would be to take on the 3 skill approach; conceptual, human and technical. The reading also got me thinking that I mainly need to develop my conceptual skills if I want a top administrative position. If anything, I need to develop conceptual skill which means I need to have a bigger understanding of how organizations work and how to coordinate departments to work together as a team. This is my weakness and I need to find out more about the simulation, various departments and how I can help them interact more effectively. The article also made me realize that I can develop these skills in other careers if I am not comfortable in applying for a business role yet, it also made me realize that I can be a good businessman, I simply need to develop myself and apply myself and in time I will get there I choose to put myself out there. If I also choose to be an HR manager, at least I know what skills I need to be looking for when I recruit, train or select my employees.                      

Reference list
Davies, J., & Easterby-Smith, M. (1984). Learning and developing from managerial work experiences. Journal of Management Studies, 21(2), 169--182. doi:10.1111/j.1467-6486.1984.tb00230.x
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  1. Hi Micaela!

    Your journal is interesting because you clearly mentioned what you did in week08 as an HR and what your current issues are.
    The structure is great and easy to understand what you got from the readings such as how to develop your conceptual skill but you should at least use in-text citation to instruct the readers like which reading's idea is being applied to your reflection.
    You showed me your personal issues such as a lack of skill to understand how to coordinate works of each department to get better outcomes as an entire firm and also suggested what skill you need to get in the future, which allowed me to think that your understanding for the readings is great.

    Overall, good work with an appropriate use of your personal experience and thoughts. I personally think that if you can suggest your personal solution to the current issue you are facing this journal would be even greater because your mentioned what the problems are and what you need to do but I can't see how those stuffs can be achieved. Anyway, I'm also doing an HR so your thoughts about your job was really interesting! God luck for the following rollovers (smile)

  2. I can see the way you put your current issues in your group and analysis of the issues through paragraphs. The concerns about your group's future performance and also your personal concern about skills and individual contribution. It is interesting to see how you link such experience with this week's reading. For this journal, I suggest you to beware of use of punctuation to professionalise your learning journal a bit. For example, "its" is written as "it is" or "it's". Sometimes correcting small things like that can change the thought of what readers think about the quality of your journal. Other than that, you can also be more specific of solution that you are going to take to improve yourself and your group performance. Overall, I like your writing style. Well done Micaela.