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This weeks reading "Is your growth strategy flying blind" from the Harvard Business Review provided me with new knowledge about different strategies available. I had the traditional view that the best strategy is to attack the macro-market and try and maintain a large market presence. However this weeks reading argued that firms performed the best when they had strategies of narrowing in on micro-markets. Comprehending this under Blooms second taxonomy stage I went on to apply it to our Mikes Bikes team situations. I noticed that our strategy has been that of the traditional kind, we have looked for the biggest markets to try and enter and spend heavily in doing so. This has not worked as we have gone bankrupt. Analysis of our strategy makes me think that perhaps we need to enter smaller niche markets and spend more inside these markets rather than wasting money in capital inflated markets. There are not many roll overs left but after applying this new strategy synthesis can take place when we make strategic decisions based on past experiences.



  1. Your learning journal is very short and to the point which doesn't allow for much critical thinking or following Daudelin's framework. I think the one thing that would benefit your journals is to follow this framework where you specify a particular problem you had during the week and then using the readings, go through the steps of solving it critically, leaving you with actionable steps you can take forward with you. Hopefully this helps! 

  2. Hi John, 
    I would really encourage you to closely follow Daudelin's framework when writing your journal as this structure will help you to engage in a deeper analysis of what your problem is and therefore help you to  understand why you have this problem, and how you could fix it. A few questions you could ask is: Why did you think that strategy would be good in the first place? How will you change your strategy to ensure that it will benefit your team? You have briefly referenced the readings, however i believe that you could move higher up in Bloom's taxonomy if you were to use them during your analysis.

    All the best!