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The first 3 weeks of MGMT300 has introduced the importance of teams and gradually goes into depth about the key concepts that contributes to creating a successful team. Week 3 moves onto the concept of leadership and the various perspectives society and your workplace has on it. With the first rollover complete by each team, we are now underway with the course and surprisingly my team have bonded, communicated and have worked well which has shown in our results with our shareholder value increasing rather than decreasing. This shows positive team work and leadership shown throughout the team and I look forward to what the rest of this semester has installed for us.

Spreier, S. W., Fontaine, M. H., & Malloy, R. L. (2006) talks about how leadership isn't always good and can be taken advantage of by those in power which is why this reading became the most interesting and eye-opener for me as a reader. I've had a lot of experience as a leader throughout my schooling years from primary school days to today as a University student. I've come across all types of leadership roles whether it be in sports or academic and I've found that this reading showed me that all members of a team can contribute equally to their team no matter your status or reputation. Spreier, S. W., Fontaine, M. H., & Malloy, R. L. (2006) emphasizes the idea the leaders who take advantage of this power can put themselves, their team and job at risk by adding negative pressure, workload or attitude towards everyone that is not needed. It is added that the different personalities a team can aqquire is vital with the way a team bonds, trust between one another and a clear understanding of the team goal/target plays a vital part to ensure positiveness and avoid conflict with each other.

MikesBikes has officially launched and given the role to be in charge of the marketing side for our business was a good challenge for me as it was my first time doing something like this. I find It a very useful activity as it gives us a taste of what it would be like in the real world working with real business decisions and how to work in a team.

Reference List:

Spreier, S. W., Fontaine, M. H., & Malloy, R. L. (2006). LEADERSHIP RUN AMOK. Harvard Business Review, 84(6), 72-82.


  1. Please make sure you label your learning journal correctly in future. I did it for you.

    I wonder why you have put the title of the article in capitals.

  2. Hello Jessie, 

    It is positive news that your team has managed to connect with each other at some level and have successfully made it through the first roll-over with good results. You have summed up the readings well, providing a succinct overview of the dark side of leadership. Power roles are so important in groups where we take cues from each other regarding decision making and unwanted pressure to perform can certainly blight the whole group with negativity and often 'unwanted' methods of doing things. You talk about your leadership experience in broad terms regarding the breadth of experiences, but I would have more idea to how you perceived leadership beforehand and how things have changed from there. You say it was an eye opener for you so you could go into more depth regarding to why exactly it was an eye opener.

    You tell me that it was a new experience being part of a team with a specific role like Marketing, I was looking forward to hearing what you found difficult and what came naturally to you? Maybe asking yourself more questions regarding how you went about the process would produce some insight that may be useful for future sessions. Overall, I think there is not much more I can say as you have summed up the one reading well but you haven't linked the readings with any real meaning to your experiences this week.. You have described what has happened in the group this week and described how you felt but have not gone into the depth regarding your actions and behaviours which unfortunately doesn't provide much insight. 

    I hope you do not take anything negatively. I am just attempting to provide useful feedback and it is a learning process for me as well. I am also aware of the fact that often the real learning has happened but hasn't been translated to the journals. All the best this week. 


  3. Hi Jessie,

    I am glad to hear your team has bonded well together, from the sound of your positive experiences in your team it sounds very similar to my team. 

    I enjoyed reading your reflection journal, it was a very well written piece.  I see that you have really engaged with the readings for this week. 

    In terms of things that you could improve, I would recommend that you try and relate the readings not just to past experiences you have had in your life, but also ore specifically to experiences you have had in your team work in this course. 

    However over all this was a good reading journal, well done on the good work!