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This week I have been absent from class as I am travelling New Zealand with an old school friend from the Uk, this means that my journal will focus on two things, my journal from week 4 (as this will make it easier on my reviewer) and the readings. Week 4 was about leaders and followers, easily one of the most interesting weeks as it made me question my role in the team and also consequently my role in all other teams. The problem that I outlined in my journal was that we were a team of leaders and this came with its own challenges, reduced efficiency and lack of focus. having looked at this week's reading, I notice that Davenport (2006) explains the concept of analytics as understanding your consumers. Be that by asking the right questions or recording masses of numbers. That could be realigned to understand the way my team have so far operated. Have we asked the right questions or have we just been checking the vast number of variables available in the simulation?

I think that has been where the growth of our team has come from, initially we all tried to control every aspect by constantly checking each different section to find the optimum number but as time has gone on we have moved from leadership roles into a more dynamic and more flexible team. Last week we all met for two hours and made presentations to the team as to what our next move should be, this allowed for better team discussions and transparency. The team was able to make decisions faster and more efficiently and this has been the greatest improvement in my eyes. It appears as though everyone in the team has fit into their role better as time goes on and we are making great strides as far as the simulation goes. I hope as we enter the final few rollovers we are able to continue this improvement. 

To summarise, in week four I questioned whether or not this team would ever be able to be led and work as followers, this week, looking back I am able to successfully say that we can and have. As far as the readings go, this simulation is all about analytics and the teams that can understand this information the best will be the ones that prosper.


Davenport, T. H. (2006). Competing on analyticsHarvard Business Review, 84(1), 98-107.

1 Comment

  1. After re-reading your Week 4 Journal, I must say I have seen a decline in the effort put into your journal for this week. Whilst you have reiterated the key issue you experienced in week 4, you have failed to identify and address a current issue for the week. I assume you were probably pushed for time to complete this whilst travelling, so maybe you could have discussed this as the issue you were facing for the week. With this being said, you haven't really showcased an in-depth understanding of Daudelin's reflection process. I feel, due to your external commitments you weren't able to commit as much time as you probably wanted to, and thus the reflection process was followed loosely.

    As an improvement for future journals, it is vital that you follow Daudelin's framework of learning through reflection for each week. For this week, you could have identified the inherent time constraints associated with travelling during semester. You could have explained that time management (including planning) and coordination skills are vital for university students and why, then further elaborated on how you planned to tackle this issue. Possible solutions could have been forward planning or not travelling during semester. Lastly, you could have concluded what solution you were likely to adopt, in other words, what did you learn from this issue that has resulted in a change in behaviour. In essence, you should think of a problem you encountered during the week, and actively reflect on it, coming up with action(s) on how to solve the issue and effectively show how you learnt from the whole experience. Hope this helps!