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So i feel like I've learnt nothing from this course and everything is based on readings and that the summative journal is worth ridiculously high amount of percentage. But i am glad that this is the last journal, and we don't have through all those nightmares. This has been a rather tough task along with other assignments and also being have to work as well. Despite that I won;t be able to use much from my journals from the weekly journals, I am still confident that through the readings I can be able to write out something good.


  1. There is something to be learned from every experience as a human being, even the act of breathing, how your body moves, the texture of clothing you like etc. The minute moments and nuances that stack up to make a human life whole are all embedded with some depth of learning. I suggest you ask yourself "Why?" more often and then you will find your learning. For example "Why do I feel I learned nothing" - perhaps I did not engage fully or apply myself; perhaps I did not work well with my team; perhaps I learn better in courses that are formatted differently to this one etc. 

    I can see from just this paragraph that you have learned one thing and that is that you would not do this course again. I also think your feelings are valid, this has not been easy and you have every right to feel the way you do. 

    Good luck (smile) 

  2. Hey Sam, 

    Although your journal was rather short I can understand the point you were making. However I agree with Ciara and the fact that if you were to analyze your feelings further you may be able to learn something about yourself. Using Daudelin's structure for journals would help you achieve a more in depth review of the past week.

    Good luck for your final journal this week.

    Cheers, Ethan

  3. Yes, looking at your learning journals I can see that you'll find it hard. Feel free to see me to get some help.