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When reading the last two journals for this semester, I was actually quite touched. Especially the article by Christensen (2010) outlining the importance of choices that we make in life, and where the different allocation and investment of resources can lead us in two completely different paths – whether it was intended to be good or bad. Nobody plans to do badly, but it all depends on what we choose to do with the outcome. I.e. are we going to learn from our mistakes and try make that better? Or are we going to twiddle our thumbs, keep looking at the past, and wait for a saviour grace to come along and fix everything for us?

Whatever the circumstances, we should always have a definite purpose in what we do, and aim to achieve the best. Whenever we fall, we should try to change this “evolution into revolution” and I think we have done that quite well, digging ourselves away from the pit-hole of 0.09 SHV to 9.36 SHV – it’s a great achievement for me and my team. I reflected, and analysed, and looked at the reports, looking for further information, better allocating our resources, and analysed again, I also tried forecasting predictions of what the competition would do throughout the whole duration of the semester and it’s really paid off. Okay, so maybe compared to other firms we are not doing so well. But I am quite content and very happy. I guess, when you take a big downfall, you don’t get so greedy, and appreciate even the littlest things. You almost become, “Humble”.

Just a little addition about MikesBikes:

For the last few weeks, I have been always conscious about our idle time as an operations manager. (This week we were only using 68% of our capacity) I knew that we had to either produce more, or sell our capacity. In the beginning, our ideal plan was to produce as much as we can at the lowest price. (Hence why we had so much capacity) That, was the worst decision we have ever made. We weren’t getting profits due to our extreme cost and not enough revenue (even though our sales were relatively high) and we couldn’t invest more money into our Marketing due to the lack of cash, hence demand being low – so we couldn’t fill the gaps for the production and had way too much stock (costing us millions).

So we all knew how to read the reports, how to make decisions, and we were probably the only group who actually met outside of lecture time (we invested so much time for the percentage that it is weighted on) But every time we understand something, we always seemed to be a step behind – so we didn’t know how to predict and make better decisions (Which I think I am a little more confident in doing now). However, we as a team have grown, and I along with my team have become stronger, more confident, and better able to make decisions, learning from my mistakes and failures. I only wish, that we had a little more time – so I can apply more of what I have learnt and really boost up the SHV. 


  1. Hi Mira,

    It is really nice to read your journal again. It is like talking with a friend. I like your writing style. And I am so glad your team's improvement! 

    If there's any recommendation for your summative journal (if helps), try to develop deep at the 'evaluation' level. You've done quite well about identifying your problems, analysing them, connecting them with what you learned from those theories. But if you could be able to develop your thoughts gradually deeply, I believe you'll get high marks for the summative journal!

    Anyway, all the best for your last two rollovers and your summative journal!

  2. Hi Mira. I like the fact that I'm reviewing your work again! its good to see the progress that you are making every week. 

    I would have to agree with the comment above with the fact that you have got the four reflection process down and under your belt. But you could try and develop them and go deeper into each step a little bit. Figuring out the problem is really important, but it is also important to go into depth a bit more and shed a bit more light on your the steps as well. Also i'm sure you know this, because you have done it very well in your other readings. But try to use and incorporate the readings a little bit more.

    Best of luck for the summative!!