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This week, mikes bikes has brought about some worries and troubles to our team. Prior to this week we have been traveling pretty well. Results have been favorable and we have been working well as a team. For the purpose of this journal, I will use the All Blacks preparations for the previous world cup as an analogy. 

We are currently in the lead up to our world cup. The end is drawing near and we are making final preparations for our world cup campaign. Up until this rollover the preparations have been going well. We were winning and in what we thought was the form of our lives. However, this week we have encountered some trouble. This week has been our “27th of July” (25-20 loss to Australia). It has been a bit of a ‘slap in the face’ for us, a good shake up. As bad and disheartening as this performance may be. It doesn’t have to be something negative. It is something that we can reflect upon to improve our performance for future rollovers. Graham Henry has talked a lot about the loss against Australia, he suggests that the loss was something that the All Blacks needed. Henry goes on to suggest that the losses help to ‘galvanize’ the team, this is something that has began to show in our team already. As a result of the team we have already decided to come together more frequently. It has also lead us to be more ‘straight up’ when discussing our results.

The result has lead to a change in the way we act as a team. One change that has occurred is that we have agreed to change the way in which we reach decisions. We have decided the decision making process is going to be more inclusive of everyone in the team so we can have more involved conclusion that satisfies different departments of the team. The benefits of this will be stronger decisions and that the team will all be working towards the same goals.

In conclusion, history shows that a poor result doesn’t have to dictate future of a team, our aim for this week is to ensure that it doesn’t.                      



  1. Sup Luke. Your reflection was a breath of fresh air. I like your analogy to the rugby and its has in no way detracted from the actual relevant info in your journal. You have managed to include all the problem statements and what you are both planning and have done to solve the problems you are encountering. Although i do wish you good luck for your future learning journals, i hope your mikes bikes company goes terribly because Bobs bikes are coming out strong. 

  2. What I wrestle with here is the emphasis on the team, rather on you and your learning. Maybe it got lost in the analogy.

    It would be good to know why/what drove the conclusion that the team's decision-making was the problem (rather than, say, the domination of the team by one member (or a sub-group)). 

    Ultimately, what is of interest is what is your part in this problem and what do you plan to do differently (and the reasons why that seems like a plausible course of action).

    Despite Cameron's comment, I think you need to more clearly and explicit follow Daudelin's process/steps.