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The title of this weeks reading “Teaching smart people how to learn” immediately caught my attention. One would assume that smart people already know how to learn, right? Success in the marketplace depends on learning though many do not know how to. I always assume that “well educated, high powered, high commitment professionals who occupy key leadership positions” Argyris (1991) are the ones that learn best however, that is not always the case.

Argyris (1991) states that most companies are not always aware that a learning dilemma even exists. I too, misunderstand what learning is and how to bring it about at times (I have learnt however, that it is not cramming everything in the night before). My problem has always been finding a method in which I learn the best. My solution to this was trying different methods such as writing cards, using abbreviations or using pictures. 

It is interesting that  this is called a “learning journal”, its looking inward at our own behaviour, identifying problems and suggesting solutions. In other words reflecting using Daudelin’s steps.The purpose of the Synnot (2013) reading, is exactly what we are executing in doing these learning journals; "the role of reflection and double loop learning in policy and shared community learning" (Synnot, 2013). Not only learning by reflecting on our own behaviour and experiences but communal learning when reading our peers journals.  

I quite liked how the ideas from this reading linked to the reason why we do these journals. It makes sense that in this fast pace, constantly changing world to continuously engage in evaluating to look for efficient ways in achieving our goals. To be quite frank, I was beginning to find writing these journals annoying but these readings once again highlighted the importance of doing them. (smile) 



Argyris, C. (1991). Teaching smart people how to learn. Reflections, 4(2), 4--15

Synnott, M. (2013). Reflection and double loop learning: The case of HS2. Teaching Public Administration, 31(1), 124--134. doi:10.1177/0144739413479950


  1. Hi Sonia,

    I liked how you have reflected about your thoughts on this week’s reading, but I thought you could discuss your thoughts in more detailed.

    In terms of the reflection process that we supposed to follow, you have briefly mentions a problem and a solution for it. And you have illustrated the level of Application in Bloom’s taxonomy. I think it's fine when you don’t have a problem to write on the topic, but try to follow Bloom’s taxonomy.  

    Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you on Wednesday (smile) 

  2. Hi Sonia,

    I see I get to review your journal this week (smile) exciting times! 

    Anyway, I learnt something new by reading your journal this week. While doing the readings for week 7, I completely missed the point of the readings as i got carried away with a particular section of the reading. I see you have reiterated the point that doing the learning journals as well as the reviews, is a way for us to learn about ourselves and how we learn...if that makes sense? Anyway, reading your journal brought that point to my attention.

    When examining Bloom's taxonomy, i see you have understood the readings and attempted to apply them to your personal everyday life, which is good. In the future, to try and reach higher levels of analysis, synthesizing and evaluation, maybe you could discuss any points made in the readings that you found to be very thought provoking or you disagreed or agreed with. Also, you could link the readings to previous other readings in this course to solidify your claim about why it is you believe that the learning journals are important.

    Its good to see that you finally got justification for doing these dreaded learning journals, maybe now we can do them with a smile on our faces, without the mumbling and grumbling (big grin)  Good journal entry Sonia !