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This week in Mgmt300 has been somewhat impressive.

From the previous turnover we made very good decisions (I thought) but we didn't get the SHV we wanted. This week we got our second cash injection from Smart Sims with direct advice on what we can do. It turned out pretty well except we didn't get the sales we predicted. Of course we were a little pationate judging from our previous performance but I think at this stage it seems like the end is drawing nearer and the summative journal is like a beast we have to take down.

I don't have much to write about this week, I guess I'm a little worried after the lecture on Wednesday talking about the summative learning journal and how many I've missed etc. My goal now is to really get the idea of what a great summative learning journal looks like and create one. 


  1. Hi Kakala,

    I don't feel like your learning journal goes into as into as much depth as your previous ones, but I think you know that considering it was quite short this week.  I understand your stress about the summative learning journal, it is closing in on us!  Since you mention you are concerned about learning journals you have missed (understandable since these feed through to your summative) it surprises me a little that you have not taken longer on this one to give yourself more to work with.  That being said, there is nothing to stop you from using the readings from this week in your summative as well, it may be a good idea if you are concerned about the amount of material you have to work with e.g. the learning journal entries you have missed.  At least this is the last one and now you can focus on your summative, yay!

    All the best for the last rollover and for you summative learning journal, I'm sure it will be good (smile)

  2. Hi Kakala,

    With regards to your learning journal this week, I am somewhat surprised at the output you have created when compared to the previous journals of yours I have reviewed. You speak about your worry of the summative journal and the missed ones, however this contradicted by the quality of your journal this week. I know it was the last journal that wasn’t worth any marks directly, however I would have expected a really long and in depth reflection as an attempt to make up for the previous missed journals. You state “I don't have much to write about this week”, however the ideas you have presented in this journal could be easily expanded on, such as “From the previous turnover we made very good decisions (I thought) but we didn't get the SHV we wanted.” You have gone on to briefly mention why, however it feels as though you have written down some bullet points and just joined them with connecting words and full stops.

    Overall, this journal has not been your best. However you can still significantly improve and get good grades in the summative learning journal J I believe that if you go back to your reflection of “Crisis” and use that as the main points in combination with the feedback you gained from other students and Peter as a starting point, you can create a really good summative journal.

    With regards to your performance with Mikes Bikes, I think it is just best to forget about the SHV and focus on getting the core aspects, such as cash on hand to a stable level if it is in the negatives at the moment. By doing so, and taking on board what Peter said about how he is marking the mikes bikes performance – best to make decisions that are extremely sensible rather than radical decisions used as an attempt to gain a higher SHV.

    All the best for the final two rollovers and your summative learning journal.