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Articulation of the problem:

My issue this week is that despite attempts to rebuild our SHV, since we have gotten a loan and have been taken over by a parent company, we are decreasing in our SHV!

Analysis of the problem:

I wish I knew personally why this keeps happening. If I knew the reason why, I doubt we would be in this situation. There is something we as a group are not recognising or achieving that means we keep decreasing our share holder value. Is it that we are making decisions in an individualistic way? That our strategy is not strong enough? That we have not had a full team meeting in a few weeks? Only time can tell, and hindsight, as to the analysis of this problem. It is my job going into next week to try and figure this out to stop this cycle of a decreasing SHV.

Trying to explain the problem:

It feels like a merry-go-round. It is this constant downhill cycle of decreasing SHV that I cannot seem to control. However there needs to be some explanation as to why we are not creating a better end result. As a team, we have spoken to the lecturer, reached out to Mikes Bikes, gotten advice from our parent company. But we just need to come back to our strategy and really assess major key points where we are going wrong.


Next week, we are having a team meeting and making it compulsory for everyone to try and attend. We will stay at Uni together until we come up with a plan. We will reach out to Mikes Bikes again, and try talk to other students. I will do my best to keep my team motivated and positive, despite these trying times.



Daudelin, W. M. (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Organizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36-48.


  1. hi Olivia, 

    good job for this wee learning journal, i happened to read my team member's journal!  i know our teamwork have some trouble in this week. you claimed that our issue this week is that despite attempts to rebuild our SHV. It can be seen that teamwork is a challenge and we need to overcome the interference to complete our team work. hope we can improve our work in this week! i will do my best also to make our company getting better!


  2. Hi Olivia, 

    Your reflection is very easy to follow and you have clearly used Daudelin's framework throughout your reflection. I think you could have however incorporated a couple more readings. Hopefully your group manages to work through your issues and rebuild your SHV. Good luck with the remainder of the semester.