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Competing with twelve competitive teams is getting more robust due to our Shareholder value falling again. My team's SHV went to $11.02. It might be due to our increased idle time and reduced production percentage. My team and I have to get back on track to survive as ten teams are doing better than mine.

My team is trying to be within the survival for the fittest competing in a Bike market space is hindering our higher performance. Teams will try to outperform my team to grab a more significant share of existing demand. There was no problem with communication because every member is cooperative. But it could of properly inputting the numbers not to have the SHV fall. I think the idle time increased and the production percentage decreased due to not having a closer look at the Operation reports carefully. My team is trying to thrive in an accelerating and expanding bike industry, but we would need to impose a way to be back on track. 

To be back on track, I intend to be doing a business model. According to Magretta (2002, p.86), 'a good business model begins with an insight into human motivations and ends in a rich stream of profits'. It will help to show an outline of how an underlying economic logic will work to deliver the value customers demand at an appropriate cost (Magretta, 2002). This might be being aware of the inputs we put in so that our capacity meets our consumer demands. If the capacity is too high, then the idle time will arise. We will either have to increase our product demand and production levels or reduce factory capacity. 

In the future, my team and I will intend to create a business model that will keep our Shareholder Value back on track. This will help to reduce the idle time and increase the production percentage. It will help to provide valuable feedback. 


Magretta, J. (2002). Why Business Models Matter. Harvard Business Review, 80(5), 85-92.


  1. Hey Fatima! 

    I definitely feel where you're coming from with this journal. To make you feel better, our team's SHV dropped dramatically and we're sitting in last place but only up from here right??

    You have briefly identified why the SHV is dropping and what you think might be the cause of it which is great! I also like how you have mentioned what you think would be suitable to do going forward so good on you, really!! Only other critique would be to mention what have you actually learnt this week??? (this was feedback provided to me on one of my journals so it would be silly not to pass it along). Otherwise, all the best for the upcoming weeks. Smash it (smile) 


  2. Hi Fatima,

    Through reading through the journal I can sympathise for you as the shareholder value for us also dropped. I guess from the opening statement, we can only focus on how our teams do rather than how others perform. 

    I think one thing you can do to improve the journal is to use the Daudelins structure. This will improve the structure of the journal and make it a slightly easier read. Also following from the comment above, Mentioning what it is that you learnt will also be a good thing to add to improve the journal. 

    All the best going forward.