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This week in Mike’s Bike, as a group we have expected to achieve a better SHV this week with the decisions we’ve made as well as our steady, continuous improvements from the past weeks but disappointingly the result is what we have not expected, not only that we haven’t performed better we’ve also hit a significant drop. My first thought to this is: what went wrong, with the past results I have expected this roll over to be just the same as always, another improvement. I think my reaction to our result had been perfectly outlined in this week’s reading Teaching Smart People How to Learn, Argyris has stated that professionals are often “enthusiastic about continuous improvement and often the biggest obstacle to its success” (Argyris, 2002, p.5) in the reading it stated the reason behind this is the difficulty and unwillingness to reflect critically upon one’s own performance.

This puts me in the position of questioning myself am I unconsciously failing to reflect critically upon my own performance in the group or am I just refusing to do so? Are the other members of my group also facing this same issue? I believe that the majority of our team has expected this roll over to improve our performance in the simulation with the evidence of the positive emotions and confidence carried out in our last meeting. I find myself constantly facing the question are we not reflecting upon our decisions enough? Over the past week we have used our meetings to decide our figures, back them up with evidence then carrying them out. I find that not once we have critically reflected on our decisions, performance or team dynamics. In my last journal I have discussed that I have assigned my team to do some team feedback, from these feedbacks received all are positive reflections and none are critical reflections that will really help the team improve. This shows the issues that perhaps what we lack as a team is the ability for us to critically analyze the situation perhaps because we’re afraid to be a too “harsh” on each other.

What have I done about this? While I’m writing this journal and recognizing these problems we’re facing I have assigned the 2 member who yet still have their feedbacks to provide to really critically reflect upon our team performance and what could be improved to show that what we’re lacking as a team. Will this work? I’m excited to find out. However this is not the only action that could be taken in the upcoming meetings we will set aside some time as a team to critically reflect on our performance to really avoid issues such as blaming the simulation or one another for the results of our simulation.


Argyris, C. (2002). Teaching Smart People How to Learn. Reflections, 4(2), 4-15.



  1. It's not often we get to reflect our own work, so I'll give it a go.

    I think in order for me to improve my journal it would be better if I have been more in depth with linking the readings with my reflection, I have used Argyris' article be lack support from our other reading on double looped learning.

    Another aspect is that by reviewing my group member's journal, he has brought my attention to that often in our learning journals we reflect on our team more than we critically reflected on our own learning process. for me to improve my journal it would be better if I could focus more on reflecting my own learning process.

  2. Hi Aria,

    Good job on this weeks learning journal! I too, was surprised at the results following Thursday's rollover. I personally was not expecting much of a increase in our SHV this week as we did some investments into the future; that being said, I definitely did not expect it to plummet to almost half of what it was the week before! I may be wrong, but I believe that it part of it will have been some faulty decision making but I also think that there were other market factors that influenced our results; as a whole, India's average SHV definitely dropped a lot, it was not just us. Either way, I think it would be very interesting to critically reflect on our decisions and see where we could have improved.

    Also, I thought it was a very smart decision to make Ola and Sharlin critically reflect what we have done! We are a big group of friends and I know I find it hard to critically reflect any of you, but it is important for our success as a whole.

    The one piece of criticism I have for your learning journal would be to shorten up some of your sentences. A few of them are longer than they should be, creating run-on sentences, and therefore making a few sections a little tricky to read.

    Overall, great job! I look forward to this weeks meetings and what the future has to hold, I still think we definitely can make a big comeback.