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Another week, another roll-over, another reflection and another rave.

As we come towards the end of the MikesBikes simulation I find myself with a problem which was predicted in the early stages of my learning journals being a lack of good content from these learning journals which I will be able to discuss in my learning portfolio.

The problem itself atleast the way I see it is two fold.

1) My learning journals don't illustrate enough clear learning

2) A very large lack of references (today included).

That's not to say I'm not aware of these problems and haven't been advised of them by those critiquing my journals across a number of weeks, because I have. It boils down to a typical attitude of laziness and not putting in the required effort to do a job properly. This of course is a problematic trait and it certainly causes problems down the line (no doubt when it comes to writing the learning portfolio it will be a problem too). So having fully grasped the problem and understanding why it is a problem I guess I should state my action plan, which really should be "From here on out I will endeavor to do the readings, incorporate them into my learning journals and dedicate sufficient time to preparing these journals". However if that was going to be true it would have happened several weeks ago or at the very least today.

I guess reflection and the development of an action plan is only as good as your drive to implement the plans.

On the other hand I had a second thing which I learnt this week from my teams roll-over decision making. We were winning overall, we still are, but we dedicated a large chunk of our session debating whether or not to buy another team out. In the end we took a vote and decided to. In my past weeks learning journal I discussed that sometimes you generate a case and negotiate for a decision you think is right, and sometimes you win. Other times as it turns out through an open discussion you may find that your own ideas re-shape as you see validity in the arguments which others put forward from a perspective you may have not considered.

At the start of the session, I was strongly against buying another team, by the end of it I was only marginally against the idea. Despite the fact I still don't believe it was absolutely necessary, the point I am trying to illustrate is that sometimes you convince others with your arguments, and sometimes they convince you even if its not enough to change your stance. Therefore without any particular problem or analysis on this team interaction, what I have learnt is this: In order to find where your honest viewpoint actually lies, you may need to listen and consider the ideas of someone on the complete opposite side to your original stance, it may surprise you.

Sorry if you got stuck reviewing my post, you don't need to write much I know I wrote alot. Anyway I am sure atleast for the second part of this journal I will have an increased open mind for the thoughts of others now that it's been demonstrated my own views are capable of shifting by hearing the opinions of others. I am certain this will be a tool to aid me in the future.

If you're at ListenIn tonight, go hard and if you're reading this after I hope it was good.


1 Comment

  1. Tēna koe Glen,

    This is a really insightful journal. You have clearly articulated your problem and provided evidence to how you worked around it. I know you did state at the start that you lack references and I do agree with this if you used references then potentially the quality of your reflection could be enhanced. Other than that a well thought out reflection.

    Ngā mihi,