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This week has been extremely interesting, having to deal with our own team functions and trying to guide the team we took over to success. However this hasn't been as easy as we thought. Even though we feel quite comfortable with Mikesbikes now and feel like we understand what to do to gain success, we somewhat failures with the objectives we set out for our  take over company.


Greiner (1972) suggests that future performance is dependant on the outcomes of your past. After this weeks rollover I begin to rear that this is the case for our takeover company. with only two rollovers left we will really be put under the pressure next week to try turn things around. What has been difficult is a lot of our strategy has been based around long-term thinking, therefore its hard to make decisions when we have just started to give influence. I think we need to simplify our actions next week and focus on small gain in SHV. If we can focus on controlling costs and delivering a profit I think both teams would fell happy with what we have achieved.

I think one hurdle to overcome may be potentially how the other team feels after a not so good rollover based on our advice. Therefore communication is key in the next week to have functional and happy teams!


Greiner, L. E. (1972). Evolution and revolution as organizations growHarvard Business Review, 50(4), 37--46.

1 Comment

  1. Hi Joshua,

    Again, I am your reviewer for the final journal! I thought it might be a slightly longer one since everybody here wants to say something in their final journals. I can't find any understanding or critical thinking in your journal. You just talked about what you've done without any analysis or reflection. I see that you are trying so hard to link the readings to your mikesbikes team which seems a bit far-fetched. In order to have a good summative learning journal, I'd recommend you read some of the theories from those articles to develop a deep logical thinking. And also, check your spelling (things like 'feel' not 'fell' etc). Anyway, all the best for the last two rollover and your summative journal!