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This is my second journal for the week as this week was a big week and I feel like I really learned a lot.

Last week our team took over another firm, and as a team we decided we wanted to assist the other team and improve their performance as it will result in improved performance for us as well.

As we planned to meet with the other team, we approached the team on Wednesday in class, and in leaving we felt uneasy about how to go about helping the team. We weren’t sure if they would trust that we were genuinely going to help them r if they would take our advice. In the meeting we had with them on Thursday we did our best to give them all the help we possibly could and gave them all our analysis and numbers we had spent hours working out. We handed them over, however when we left I felt uneasy about how the meeting went. We hoped that they had trusted us, and hoped that they believed we were making a genuine effort to help them, which we were, however I left feeling like we hadn’t fully convinced them of this. They questioned our numbers and were asking if we knew the numbers were tried and tested, which is fair enough, I would have done the same thing. We attempted to reassure them and rationalize the data to prove to them the numbers were ‘legit’, however I left feeling unsure of whether they believed us and whether they were actually going to follow our advice. In looking back we attempted to rationalize to them though the numbers that they were ‘legit’ however I think there were more ways we could have convinced them. I guess from this the problem here is how can you convince and persuade others? How can you convince them that your idea is worth evaluating, or that what you are genuine in your attempts to help someone? This is the problem my team and I faced this week, how can you be convincing when someone is sceptical. When looking back at the whole semester of Mikes bikes, you can see that all the decisions and strategies are based on people’s ideas and the ones that have been implemented are from the people who have managed to convince the team that their idea is the best way to go. Therefore this problem is no isolated within this one situation, but is applicable to the whole experience within Mikes Bikes and even in general life situations.

In attempting to figure out how we could have been more convincing, there were more ways than simply attempting to simply rationalize the idea to others. There is also strategies such as playing on people’s emotions and making it personal, which seems a bit manipulative, however being confident and showing no doubt that you believe in the idea also helps. Furthermore an understanding of the position the other person is in and understanding why they may be doubtful may also help. Furthermore building trust would have helped in the situation. I think that if the team we helped used our numbers and had success from this, they will have more trust next time, however it required trust for them to use the numbers in the first time, so establishing this trust is a challenge.

Moving forward into next week, I will be attempting to observe ways and methods people use to be persuasive so that I can further reflect and understand this concept. I will also be attempting to utilize varying methods of persuasion and see how they go.

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  1. Good job on the journal this week. You have followed Daudelin's framework in identifying that the problem your team faced this week was that you had trouble convincing a "sceptical" team that you were genuinely trying to help and that your ideas were "legit". In analysing your problem I can see that convincing them of this was important to you as their performance in turn impacted your performance. In the hypothesis stage I liked that you compared your situation to that of when a member of a team has proposed an idea throughout the semester in MikesBikes. Some ways in which you could improve this journal is to maybe question some of what you said. Was it important that the other team follow your advice or were you simply offering them advice and having it be there choice as to whether they use it? Also while your comparison was great in the hypothesis stage, you could ask yourself what the differences are when proposing ideas to your own team versus another team. Is there that same level of trust from the start? Further questioning your thoughts will help you to reach the higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. Overall good job, I enjoyed reading your journal.