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This last rollover left me in an interesting situation. We had not done particularly well with our SHV but we had accomplished something that we set out to do and the results left us in a promising situation. As a team we are still trying to learn how we can do well in Mikes Bikes and it looks like we have a long way to go. But I do believe we are developing the skills to learn this by ourselves. Seeing as this was the priority that all my team members specified in their CVs, as the CEO I can’t help but be happy with our current situation.

Looking back at previous weeks where I felt quite lost in the simulation, it seems that I had been approaching it the wrong way. I had been trying to fix the symptoms of our poor performance and not considered that there may be an issue that is causing these symptoms. If we couldn’t make enough bikes, we increased capacity. If we couldn’t get the sales, we increased marketing. This only left us underperforming and unable to learn from our mistakes. It was only as a result of last week’s readings and learning journal that I realized we may be approaching it all wrong. I realized I needed to take the “balcony view” of the situation and see the bigger picture. My team mates and I were sick of not getting anywhere and we all knew that taking this view was the only way out. It was because of this thinking that we were able to look at why we were doing the things we were doing and question if there was a better way. This allowed us to make a big change and shift our path. Hopefully it will lead us to a better place.

The results of the past rollover indicate that while we still had a lot of work to do, we are at least in a position where we could say that changing our ways is a good thing. And I’m hoping that my team mates and I are willing to challenge ourselves even more and really try to take a hard look at ourselves and change some fundamental beliefs about how we think we’re going to succeed. We do, however, really need to get our SHV up. So this week leaves me in a similar situation as last week. We’ve made a change, but was it the right change? And where do I go from here? Our next meeting will be the time when we prove to ourselves if we have the guts to tell ourselves that we might not know as much as we like to think we do. And hopefully from there we’ll be able to cure the cause of our poor performance, not treat the symptoms. 


  1. Hi Takumi

    I really enjoyed your journal and how you used the readings to help with your Mikes Bikes strategy. My own firm has had similar problems and I am also the CEO so I can understand what your talking about when you say you need to take the "balcony view". Your structure is also very good and flows well to your conclusion or prediction.

    If there was anything that I thought could use improving is the connection between the readings and your experiences. You could also go into more depth about how you would implement the "balcony view" or talk about parts of the readings that could be less useful.

    Otherwise it was a great journal.


  2. Hey Takumi,

    I'm glad to hear that things are hopefully looking up. Its not so easy mastering something.

    You have a nice, fluid writing style but I found that I could relatively simply identify the stages of Daudelin within your writing however, I felt somehow that the higher thinking. I also didn't feel that you gave yourself a very clear method of action for attempting to tackle the issue, I mean that I can see your consideration of what results you need but not entirely how you hope to achieve these.