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So this week I have decided to start my journal entry early, so early that it is only Tuesday but I can always update and add to it (smile)

After a few bad roll overs with MB's, it finally got real. Our group SHV was not doing so crash hot and currently sits around $1 because of a large amount of inventory and stock that is a bad liability. That combined with overspending and rapid decisions resulted in a very 'real' conversation today in our team meeting. I keep thinking about the Davis & Easterby-Smith (1984) reading that discusses the difference between learning and developing. I'm wondering when does learning end and development begin. The only response I can think of is that this process occurs over time however I wish to reflect on a few thing I have learnt as a CEO.

  1. Do not make decisions in a rush. You end up in the shit
  2. Actively listen. It avoids arguments, encourages inclusiveness, fosters different ideas.
  3. Question everything, even if you are unsure
  4. Think before you act/reflection. If you don't it just pisses people off
  5. Do not become complacent.
  6. Trust my team 100%.
  7. Being able to admit when I am wrong and reflect one the mistakes I have made as an individual. Defiantly the most difficult .

So this list above is what I did today. I took a giant leap and was 100% honest because my team is currently in desperate need but mainly because today, I hoped I started my stage of development as a leader. It was one of the hardest things I have done but I needed to show that I was 100% committed to them and that I an taking responsibility for my actions.   

My team has had some real difficulties from conflict at the start to my forthcomings as a leader but hopefully today, myself and the team turned over a new leaf. The last roll over was my 'shock theory' (Davis & Easterby-Smith, 1984), yes it was a lot larger than I would have liked but we have to start somewhere.


  1. Hi Alex

    Firstly, it's good to see that you've started to overcome some of the difficulties you've been having. That being said, your journal could have been improved had you followed Daudelin's structure, which you easily could have done with the material you have. For example, your 'problem' could have been something along the lines of 'what measures can I take as a leader to improve the performance of my team?'. Your 'analysis' could then have been your list and how you came to it. Out of that you could have then formed a 'tentative hypothesis' for how you were going to enact these changes. From that, you then have an 'action'. 

    I also found your use of theory to be a little superficial. In your second paragraph you posed an interesting question about the separation between learning and development, but then you just left it hanging. You have really only demonstrated the comprehension stage of Bloom's Taxonomy. 

    Finally, your writing style was a bit hard to read. I think it  is mainly your word choice that is the problem. I also think you should revise your comma use, as there are several places where there should have been a comma and a few places that there shouldn't be. 

  2. Hi Alex,

    It is good to read another CEO's learning journal. You identified your current problem, analysed it and then came up some sort of solutions. You've done pretty well applying Daudelin's reflection theory. However, like Daniel said above, your application of theory with your present situation seems slightly superficial. For example, when you mentioned about Davis & Easterby's learning and developing, and 'shock theory', you simply just mentioned the names without explaining or showing more personal thinking. My recommend for your learning journal would be first, go a little bit deeper about theories by reading academic articles carefully. Second, come up with some solutions, evaluate them and also apply for them if you wanna reach higher level of Bloom's Taxonomy.

    Also, you forgot your reference.