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1999. It's a hot June day in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Darl Kolb, Joline Francoeur, and Peter Smith are presenting to OBTC–the Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference–their first results from teaching with MikesBikes. The presentation, like the course itself, is a great hit with the audience (of mainly American academics).

Back then, the course was called Management Theory and Practice. It's gone through a few name changes since then, but the basic approach has not changed: try to form the best possible teams, and have the teams compete in a business simulation. Then foster double-loop learning by having the team members (and sometimes the teams) reflect on their experiences.

Of course, the perennial historical question asked by teams running Mike's Bikes firms is "How have teams done in the past?" This is an attempt to answer that question. So, in chronological order here are the winning teams' SHV.

Hall of fame

2019S1Five Rides$378.38
2018SSRoad Rascals$186.36
2017SCSuperior Cycles$337.77
2016SCBikes with Friends$109.76
2014SCThe Racing Bike Company


2012SCThe Collective$208.01
2009FCBio Bikes$263.66
2008FCPista Bikes, Ltd$365.49
2007FCBarracuda Bikes$170.14
2006SCMercurial Ltd$355.14
2006FCFAST BIKES$299.36
2005FCCritical Mass$527.00
2004SCBalistique Bikes$216.82
2004FCPerformance Bikes$209.94
2003FCPedlin Style$440.47
2003SCImpact Bikes$150.38
2002FSSpike's Bikes$269.81$415.22
2000FCBikes 4 Fun$344.65
1999FCBounty Hunters Federation$208.34


Typically, we've always held the number of shares constant at 2,000,000. Otherwise, the top firms just buy their own shares to drive up the share price. What really matters is the value of the firm--its capitalization–but somehow, share price seems to be more motivating.


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