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I thought that it was all going to go so smoothly, however, this example just goes to show the ways in which you have to think of every aspect in business.

I shall explain. So we had decided to go a certain way in the market, if you have read my past journals, you shall see that it was a risky move, that if executed well would have gained us a great shareholder value. Unfortunately this roll over proved to us that perhaps we were too ambitious, as we now did not have the money or the means to take out a loan, therefore we must allocate our money to our successes and discard the hopes that we had for our original plan. I can see why were are doing what we are doing, its the best way to keep our heads above water, and we sure have learnt the consequences of risks, however this does bring a great deal of disappointment and frustration. We had worked so hard, but not hard enough where we had planned ahead, instead we were so invested on what the outcome would be without weighing up the risks. It was poorly executed. There is no one to blame, we each did our best, but with such a hectic plan we had not assumed the possibilities which put us at risk, and that is our failure as a company, though not as individuals, fortunately something we can work on.

The readings this week did not really specifically apply to my week, I could reflect on the subject for hours, but that will not restore my companies shareholder value, nor will it put money in our banks. However I did find Argyris's reading very fascinating, especially in the way that he had observed behaviors. The doom loop theory was very interesting, as I have come across people in a corporate environment who if things do go wrong, they can fire off at the wrong person or come across aggressive. This was the main part of the reading that I appreciated as it made me realize that even though my group and I were having issues, we were not laying any blame on anyone, we are calmly sorting through this mess, still helping one another. Therefore, even if we may not be the most successful team, I have heard stories of groups openly arguing, and disagreements that at times sound hostile, though my team are holding together, which is a win in itself I guess.

Argyris, C. (1991). Teaching smart people how to learnReflections, 4(2), 4--15

1 Comment

  1. Hi Katy,

    Well seeing as I am in the same group I agree with everything. I guess this week we will be working on our company's performance thoroughly. Your journal was well set out. I obviously understand why it would be more focused on how we have performed this week rather than an in depth analysis of the readings and it's interesting to read. I don't have much more to say other than, I have to get the numbers calculated so I'll just leave it at that (smile)