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Based on the feedback that I have been receiving, I decided to stick with Daudelins four stages to help explain my problem this week.

Articulating the problem: My job for the company is human resources. With that being said, the manufacturing reports stated that the staff turnover was 41.8%. That is not an ideal percentage and it needs to be reduced going forward in the simulation.

Analysis of the problem: If we increase salary will it help staff turnover? How much should I increase by? How much is too much? What about training hours? Many questions came to mind when reflecting on this problem. There were multiple ways that we thought would contribute to staff turnover.

Theory to help explain the problem: High staff turnover means that the employees are not happy and motivated to be working for our company. Increasing the salary and training hours may increase the motivation of our employees. That would result in lower turnover rates and we would save money by not having to hire as often. It would also help with production by having better trained staff and more motivation to work faster.

Action on the problem: With that being said, we increased the salary for our employees to help motivate them to stay with our company. We also increased training hours. After the rollover, I will analyze the reports and see if the changes we made have helped to lower turnover and how to act based on the new statistics we receive.

While reflecting on this, I have realized that it is important to make little changes to see how it will affect certain aspects of the company. This helps to grasp a better understanding on what will positively affect the company. I am excited to see the results from this rollover and continue to learn from it.


Wood Daudelin, M. (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Organizational Dynamics., 24(3), 36-48


  1. Hi Alea,

    This is a great journal and you've done a good job at reflecting from the past week!

    However, with that being said, I wonder if you maybe could've added how the problem made you feel? Why were you dissatisfied with the high staff turnover? How did it affect your overall team performance?

    Otherwise, apart from perhaps going into a little more detail, you've written a very solid journal!

    Keep it up,


  2. This is a very clear and concise learning journal!

    The use of individual headings for each of Daudelin's four stages helped to make it very clear and easy to follow your reflective thought process. 

    In terms of improvements I would perhaps suggest an increase in the amount of detail used in your descriptions. For example your analysis could perhaps delve more into the questions you included and potentially even answer them. 

    Overall a quality learning journal! Well done.