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At this stage my group and I have established a great relationship. I have heard the many horror stories that some teams are a nightmare to work with thus I am very fortunate to have an awesome team! Well, this week had an unfortunate turn of events with the group selection process. As a team, we thought that the solution was not much of a punishment considering that in the real world, a lot is done in dealing with unethical behavior. Nevertheless, that is all now behind us. We enjoyed our first practice roll over, it was quite fun (maybe because it was a practice? I don’t know). But it was very useful in contributing to developing our strategy.

I really liked the first two readings. “Abraham Lincoln, who never let his ego get in the way of his ambition to create an enduring great nation” (Collins, J. C, 2005). I found the point of blending humility and professional will very interesting indeed.From what I have seen a number of times, pride usually is the problem that leads to failure. Also a point that personally I completely agree with; humility is not a sign of weakness. I do believe a lot of level 4 leaders exist. However I found very intriguing that the step from a level 4 to 5 leader was essentially, humility. Nothing intellectually extravagant, powerful; prideful, rich but to humble yourself. What an amazing ideology I thought.

From Kelley, R. E. (1988) reading, it highlighted the difference between a boss and leader as I always see a leader as being interactive rather than sitting on their “throne” demanding things. I tend to always identify myself as being more of a follower than a leader. It also made me realise that good leaders are good because they once followed, to which I find very true. Furthermore there were great practical concept that can be helpful in our teams such as responsibilities for achieving goals.

I liked the two different ideas from these two readings, one exploring the success of a business by examining the leader and the other, the followers.  I think they are both of equal importance, how leaders lead and how followers follow.





Collins, J. C. (2005). Level 5 leadership: the triumph of humility and fierce resolve. Harvard Business Review, 83(7/8), 136--146

Kelley, R. E. (1988). In praise of followers. Harvard Business Review, 66(6), 142--148


  1. A very informative reflection. I feel you followed the steps for effective reflecting very well, i also agree with you that there should have been a more severe punishment for the team that essentially cheated. One thing I especially liked about your reflection was how you brought out the main point of each reading and explained how it related to you. It helped me to have a greater understanding of the readings because of this. It was well written and easy to read. One thing you could of done to improve would have been to compare how your group works and if they possess the qualities of effective followers or leaders. A great job!

  2. Hi Sonia,

    Its good to se you reflecting on both of the readings as well as team progress, as well as pointing out specific points of the readings that you related to. Being from your group I obviously share the same views as you about the cheating team and I'm sure the rest of the class has similar views based on the journals that were constructed over the past week. I feel you could have improved by focusing your journal on a specific point, for example I really enjoyed you second paragraph and felt you could have related this back to what you said in your first paragraph about teamwork. Overall a great reflection. Good luck for the rest of the semester!