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This just in….


What a week from the wiki! Hearing about how different groups are going and how conflict is becoming more of a problem in various groups was the first point of discussion for my own group this week. To be honest we all jumped on the wiki and read a few journals in order to keep up with the Gossip that’s making it’s way through the grapevine, and its true, people are revealing a lot in their journals, maybe they aren’t registering that everyone can see it. Therefore I found it appropriate signing in as “Gossip Girl” this week and instead reflecting in more of an informal way. No Bloom’s Taxonomy theory or Dauedlin’s reflection structure, just the cold hard truth about MGMT 300 and the so-called “Gossip” that is currently circulating.

It’s been an interesting semester thus far and so many ups and downs for numerous groups. Being from an all female team it is only natural that we gossip about other things we have read and heard and we have been extremely satisfied in our progress and strategy in MikesBikes. We have had our ups and downs like most teams however we have formulated trust and respect for each other, therefore find it very interesting in finding out what is going on in other teams. Personally from what I have heard I find it sad that people have not been able to put trust in their teams mates and make sure work is delegated in a way that everyone has fair and reasonable input. And although this journal probably exaggerates the extent of dramas in other teams, as a team we are extremely satisfied and feel a sense of triumph, not because of our SHV (because we are still fairly middle of the pack) but rather because of our teamwork and respect for one and other.

I realised I haven’t touched on the progress of my group in MikesBikes or a specific aspect that my group or I found changeling or problematic, but that’s because we had a more ‘chilled’ week, and we just sat back and watched (heard) the dramas unfolding around us. We continue to make sure everyone does their fair share whilst ensuring everyone’s voice is heard. My only fear would be that we maybe a bit naïve in the future, however I have touched on that in previous journals. The end is in sight, yet the hardest step still has to be made. An 80% assessment that will virtually determine the end result for most people. Whilst in most papers we know roughly how we are doing and are assessing what sort of grade we are aiming for at this stage of the semester, however Mgmt300 is unpredictable, and although it may appear frightening, as long as people have put in the hard yards so far they will hopefully yield the desired results.


But that’s all from me!

XOXO Gossip Girl 


  1. Hi Olivia,

    Haha well wasn't this a different journal from week 04 and to the many others I have read over the semester.

    It was hard for me to define what your problem was for the week, but it really seemed like you didn't have one. In fact it was more about listening to other firms problems. In saying this I believe this is where you journal lacked some structure. Even though your journal was a good laugh and I enjoyed reading it I couldn't understand how it related to any problem. To further explain myself, you have spoken about ....

    it is only natural that we gossip about other things we have read and heard

    ... Do you feel that this gossiping could be an effective strategy in how and why your firm is going well, or is it negative because you spend more time talking rather than learning. Could this gossip be put into a different phrase by stating 'your "Growth Strategy is Flying Blind" by Bahai, Smit, and Viguerie because the gossip your team comes up with and overhears is relevant back to Mikes Bikes'. These are only small suggestions I have.

    I also enjoyed your small quote below...

    mgmt300 is unpredictable

    ... and I could add onto this and say Mikes Bikes is too unpredictable.

    Otherwise I had a good laugh with your journal but it would have been nice to relate it back to some sort of reading from this week or even a previous week.

    All the best for your last few weeks (smile)


  2. Hey Olivia,

    I too had the same issues Jonathan had in regards to your structure and relating your journal back to readings (but you most likely already know this).

    While reflecting is important to the purpose of these journals, its just as important to show your understanding of a reading within the reflection. If everyone is allowed to just reflect with no structure then it makes it very difficult for fellow students to critique your journal.

    However I did enjoy the read and you writing has a certain flow to its style. I also agree with you that far too many people give too much away in their journals. Its one thing to be descriptive but its another to give away valuable information and help push other readers up on the learning curve.

    Best of luck for the remaining rollovers

    xoxo (wink) 

  3. I wonder what happened to your other journals?

    1. In what respect? I have tried to follow Daudelin and relate back to the readings every other week, I just felt like there was something to be said about how the wiki has become a topic of gossip.