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This week in Management 300, was a crucial point in time to show how we can shine and perform as a team. It was our first chance to work together and set a benchmark for how the rest of the semester should go in regards to MikesBikes. It was important for everyone to understand his or her roles and responsibilities so we could be organised for Thursday’s first rollover, and I feel we did this exceptionally. This weeks reading has been about leadership, its levels and how to balance it amongst a team. So far we have set about identifying peoples strengths and using them to our advantage, the expectations everyone has for one another and we helped people with any weaknesses that they have, by our own imputing advice.


In the reading by Jim Collins about level 5 leadership: The triumph of Humility and Fierce Resolve, he explains that there is a hierarchy of capabilities and each level is between good and great for a organisation. Looking at the 5 levels I feel we definitely have a members of the group at level 1, which means they make productive contributions with their talents, skills and work ethic. We also have people who are level 2 members, this means they focus on contributing to the overall achievement of group objectives.


At this stage we are getting along fine without any one member being at level 3,4 or 5. Currently we are all learning from each other and seeing how we can all contribute as a group. I feel as time goes on we will all develop into higher levels than we already are. But for now we are just starting out and trying to agree on decisions as a team. My hope this semester is for MikesBikes to be a tool for everyone to hone their skills in on for it to be a chance to increase our leadership characteristics individually and as a group.


  1. Hey, 

    Your journal started off really well with your reflection of the week as a whole. Also I like the way you reflected on your group dynamics and explained the steps you have gone through in order to try and create an efficiently run team for the semester. You also have obviously understood the readings well and also linked it to Mikesbikes which shows some higher order thinking. However as it's still early stages in the team work process, maybe you could have reflected on some characteristics of teams in particular leaders and followers in the readings and explained how you feel your team is going in that regard. Also ask questions about how you feel your team will develop and what steps you could take to become a better team? Asking these questions and raising them with your team might be beneficial in order to increase your learning from each other which you state is already happening in your team.

    Also another thing you could work on is your in text referencing as I see you refer to one of the readings however haven't referenced it correctly through your journal and also there isn't a reference list. However this is a very minor error which is easily fixed.

    Good luck with the rest of your semester and I hope Mikes Bikes is beneficial for you and your learning processes. 

  2. Hi Jade,

    I enjoyed reading your journal. Your writing style was very easy to read and engaging, I loved your choice of words throughout this entire read, so keep that up. Along with this you also did a fantastic job incorporating Jim Collins' article into this weeks reflection process. This being said, for future journals I would suggest that you create a small "Refernces" section at the bottom in order to properly cite and readings you used. For example:


    "In the reading by Jim Collins (2005) about level 5 leadership: The triumph..."


    Collins, J. C. (2005). Level 5 leadership: the triumph of humility and fierce resolveHarvard Business Review, 83(7/8), 136–146


    Overall, a well written journal! Keep up the good work!!