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Our first rollover wasn’t as successful as it could have been. When analysing what went wrong, I believe it lies in our decision making within the simulation. It is difficult to see exactly what areas our decision making let us down when examing key reports but I think my team and I should be able to formulate some understanding of where we can improve. We were the only team with lost sales which could be rectified next rollover by producing more units or increasing our retail price. I’m hopefull that our next rollover will be more successful because of the future focused decisions we made that won’t be realised until the next rollover is complete. It’s possible that we were too future focused and therefore didn’t spend as much time and attention on the decisions that would affect our SHV this rollover. 

Buchanan (2006) states that risk is an inescable part of every decision. In MikesBikes there is no right or wrong decision but each decision will either bring you closer or further from your desired SHV. I think slowing down and spending time reviewing our decisions will help us make better decisions in the coming rollovers. Also continuing to review our current reports and results will help us reduce risk in our future decision making. I believe these would be the most effective ways for us to improve our SHV in future rollovers.

Not achieving a rollover as successful as we could have achieved is an eyeopener for our group and we will definately strive for a better result next rollover.

Buchanan, L & O’Connell, A. (2006). A Brief History of Decision Making, Harvard Business Review, 84(1), 32-41. Retrieved from

Daudelin, M. W. (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Organizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36-48.


  1. Please make sure you label your learning journal correctly. If you are not sure how to do that, here is a short video.

  2. What the random lol

    Kia ora Claire,

    I really enjoyed reading your journal. It clearly shows that you have a strong grasp of the resources and you have effectively used them throughout your journal. You have provided great insight into the problems within your group and supported this with potential reasoning and ways of improvement. Based on my analysis you did a superb job! 

    See you at the tangi?

    Ngā mihi,


    1. Tama Hauiti Potaka the purpose of your feedback is to help Claire Ryan do a better job with her learning journals. It's not clear to me how Claire can use what you say as the basis to get better. Perhaps she is pleased that you like here journal, but maybe she is also disappointed that she can't use the feedback to improve.

  3. Claire,I can see you've used Daudelin's ideas, but it feels 'light'. Let me explain. 

    You start by saying "Our first rollover wasn’t as successful as it could have been". Should I assume that this is the problem? You can afford to be direct, and say something like "The problem I am addressing is the results of the first rollover". Now you need to expand on that, as it's still not clear what results you mean; is it your firm's ranking in the class? in your world? is it the SHV that you expected (and didn't get); is it the revenue?  All of these have different causes and potential solutions (your analsysis and hypothesising/theorizing will be different). Why is it decision making that is the problems, and not, say, your expectations?>

  4. This Learning Journal is on the right track, however, I think there are a couple of areas you can improve. 

    Firstly, I think you could do with having a clearer structure, with simple headings that follow Daudelin's structure, (which I think you have used here). Secondly, going into more depth on these areas and the analysis would be useful later on when you are going back over you're learning journals as to why you went wrong. Finally just a simple spell check at the end (or download Grammarly, it's free). This will help eliminate some of the errors in the writing.