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I think the problem for me this week in my learning is to take a step back and let things progress naturally.  I am going to highlight Kolb's experimental learning model to help me with my frustration in my learning.  I sometimes get hot under the collar if things do not go my way or changes are being made that I have not been made aware of or that I have seen something and misunderstood it when it plainly states who it is for, why, when and how this particular event is going to take place.  The concrete experience of an email sent and received, then acknowledged in attendance.  I received an email that Peter sent to all CEOs and especially stated that it was a request for a CEO summit for those in the China region.  I mistook this information and thought I would attend.  I did attend the summit and was happily surprised that I was the only CEO from another market that attended.  This is my observation to reflection time to gain an understanding of the situation at hand which I attended, yes I was invited but I did not have to be there.  I learnt that my misreading into this summit may benefit and it has become very beneficial in my personal learning and the learning of my team.  However, back to me - even though the CEOs in attendance for China were so wanting to discuss the issues of growing their market, two of their groups did not show and these groups had the lowest SHV in the last roll over.  This is where the abstract to create concepts, integrate with observations logically offering sound theory.  A good discussion was had without really going into great detail.  I learnt that a team has reached out to someone who could be stated as a specialist in the MikesBikes simulation but will not gain anything from this course paper.  I thought wow this is smart thinking and I know, others will be saying what a ding bat you are, you have wasted your time and energy in participating in this meet.  Ok I was there, no waste in time because my group was meeting right next door and energy sapping, no because I learnt that it takes someone like me to say very little but listen more to gain some idea of what the China market hope to achieve over this competition.  Here is where the abstract experience is when I get to state that I would not explain to anyone else any more yummy information and no, I think this needs to remain to me, my team and the CEOs of China, as top secret. Good luck China!


I believe that one of our team's problem is that we meet, we research, we offer solutions, we make decisions and all of this in hopes to achieve a better SHV. In the Argyris reading for this week, Chris states that learning is not problem solving and solving problems can be the root of issues.  I know that I will be changing it up again for my team to offer creativity possibly in the renaming of our Adventure 2 bike and to have some fun with it.  I also hope to discuss more about how we as individuals grouped together can help one another in our learning of this management course paper especially with the summative learning journal just around the corner.  I am also going to ask if we can organise a bit of a munch when we meet next.  


I think I have covered for both me as an individual in my learning and what I hope to achieve for my team in our group learning. 




Kolb, D. A. (1976). Management and the learning process. California Management Review, 8(3), 21--31

Argyris, C. (1991). Teaching smart people how to learn. Reflections, 4(2), 4--15


  1. I really appreciated you taking time out to be there! I always hoped CEOs from other regions may come, as after all, we're trying to be as transparent as possible, glad to hear you got some use out of it (smile)

  2. Hi Nga

    Honestly, I don't know what to comment on. I enjoyed reading this reflection and it's a great piece of reflection. You had some really deep thoughts and it made me understand you more than just a great leader. Don't get too annoyed in unconsciously misinterpret information. As long as you are aware of it I think it's fine.(smile)

    Also as a member of your team, I really feel that I have been looked after and well managed. You have a lot that I need to learn from.

    See you on wednesday. 

  3. Hi Nga,

    I see this week we have been  assigned to peer review our team members! I got you and Sonia ! (smile)

    Wow, just reading the first paragraph, I am feel motivated to seeing you this week, so we can discuss your feelings about the issues that you mentioned. I believe we did not go into much detail about them last time we met.

    Now, to the second part of the journal. I believe you are right when you say that our main group's focus is on the SHV. I remember to begin with, we outlined some goals that we wanted to achieve as a team, and so far we have been doing well to reach those goals. Changing things up a bit so that we are not so caught up in getting a high SHV, but instead nurturing each other's learning abilities should help refresh our team. Looking forward to that. We need to take a step back and get a clearer view of the whole picture.