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Well well well, this week in MGMT 300 was by far the most strange and worst rollover we’ve had. From a company that has been a contender for first place throughout most of the semester, we find ourselves at the bottom of the pack with those we had mocked constantly throughout. So what do I have to say now that we’re here? Aside from crude language, I sit here asking myself “where did it all go wrong?” I find with MikesBikes there is a lot of dynamics at play so obviously it can’t be attributed to one factor, rather a variety of factors are usually at play in determining company performance. This week I found myself sitting in meetings with a strange feeling that our team wasn’t united as we had been previously, it seems like decisions weren’t a collaborative effort like they used to be. Therefore this week my focus is on what we could have done better from a management perspective.

Right off the bat I could tell the article by Greiner (1972) was quite appropriate to our situation, the five phases of growth jumped out at me. I could follow our team’s stage and it seems to me we’re currently going through what Greiner (1972) calls a growth stage, except we didn’t grow, we shrank. The stage I’m referring to is the growth through direction. Without giving out too much information, basically our team said we had this strategy (x), we all agreed and went our separate ways to prepare for it. When we rolled over and didn’t get the results we desired, we kind of took a passive defeatist approach. I think part of the problem was that we let out ego of our past success cloud our judgement for future success. Instead of revamping or ditching plan x we seemed to passively still attempt to make it work. Something in hindsight should’ve been changed a few rollovers ago.

So seeing as this is the last mini journal I’ll be doing, and with the summative learning journal in mind, the topic of my summative learning journal will most likely hover around the this general topic. The way our team exploded into success, and how it slowly crumbled will be a story well worth looking back on. I suppose for the final rollover of the semester there is still hope to bump up our shareholder value, but what from this week’s journal can I bring that will shake things up? I believe if I voice to our team that we need some drastic changes in our strategy and we need to take very calculated risks and predict with the highest possible accuracy what could happen in these risks.

Good luck for your final rollovers and I hope you’ll leave constructive comments for me to take into my summative learning journal (smile)




Greiner, L. E. (1972). Evolution and revolution as organizations grow. Harvard Business Review, 50(4), 37--46.