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At the beginning of the week my team was at a complete loss as to what to do and where to start, with our SHV and profit looking low we were all at a complete loss. We had amazing sales but out profit never reflected that so we all came to the conclusions that maybe we were doing something wrong. At the start of the week we found ways we could cut back on cost to try and make somewhat of a profit, for example we decided to bring out marketing budget back down to 4 million. However after emailing both peter and smartsims we found out that we are actually doing a lot of things right and we shouldn’t cut back on things such as our marketing, and with a bit of fine tuning (such as getting the correct marketing mix) we could actually succeed in Mikes Bikes for this semester, which got our confidence levels right back up. And as the dreaded rollover came this week we were very happy do see that SHV increase, finally. It was good to see that though we were at a complete loss this week, our determination to do well never failed and it is definitely reflected in this week’s rollover.

Davies and Easterby-Smith (1984) argued that formal training is not as effected as natural learning for managers as a learning tool. Which I believed is very true, that natural learning in the “field” is much more affected than any class can teach you. And this was proven corrected when they did the study and found that none of the participants felt they learned or developed any skills when they attended the training sessions. I feel like this could be reflected in MGMT 300 or any class to be honest. There is only so much you can be taught in a class or in training, but by actually getting a job or an internship (any way to get out there) you learn and gain that little bit of extra knowledge that can never be taught, especially in a class.

This week has been a very interesting week, and overall I am very happy with how everything has played out, hopefully next week goes just as well, I hope high hopes!


Davies, J., & Easterby-Smith, M. (1984). Learning and developing from managerial work experiencesJournal of Management Studies, 21(2), 169--182. doi:10.1111/j.1467-6486.1984.tb00230.x


  1. I really enjoyed reading your learning journal. For starters, you are avery clear and succinct writer and that definitely made your journal easy to read, so keep that up. Congratulations on taking a problem and finding a way to work through it and be successful. You worked in the reading quite clearly and made sure to touch on all the necessary points so that is great. My biggest critique that I think could help you for future weeks is to add some detail. I liked that you were to the point, but I think some areas could have done with a little more detail and elaboration. For example, with the reading you talk about the point about how people do not learn much from trainings and then you say that that could be reflected in MGMT 300 and other classes, but you do not go into much on how you think that is reflected in the classroom setting. I think it would vastly improve your journal if you just spent a little more connecting the dots between your points and gave a little more detail behind your statements as a support. 

  2. Hi Sophie, 

    You have written a good reflection on your teams experiences this week and shown an understanding of the readings from the week too. However, I do think that perhaps you have described too much of your teams experiences rather than your own learning experiences from the week. This makes your own personal reflection a bit weaker, and does not show what you have really learnt from your own experiences during the week. This could be helped by making more discussion relevant to your own experiences, rather than just what happened with your team.

    The second paragraph also shows a good summary and description of the Davies and Easterby-Smith reading but does not really show much depth or critical engagement with the theory in the reading. The description is good but I do not really see that you have related it to your own experiences much or in a very critical manner, meaning that  there is not a strong sense of what you have learnt through your reflection. With more analysis you would perhaps be able to show higher stages of blooms taxonomy and make further discussion as to how you learnt personally from the experiences in the week.  

    Good luck for the rest of the assessment!