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There is a quintessential need in this society to making right decisions. Naturally, the world isnt black or white, sometimes theres not necessarily a right or a wrong answer and baing able to decipher the logistics behind making a correct decision is one that has stumped mankind for centuries. Drawing from the readings this week, BROOKS, A. W., & JOHN, L. K. (2018), Emphasises the astronomical importance that questions have on the general productivity, statistical and efficiency of decision making. Brooks talks about the substantial correlation that makings decisions has for the input of knowledge and understanding of the decision being made. There is big talk revolving around the input of knowledge, How is knowledge obtained and what the most effective means of obtaining it is. Ultimately it comes to how Questions are effective in helping us obtain such knowledge to the extent where we can confide in the decisions and the choices that we make in life. 

Strategic management is a advocate of decision making, Peter’s method of teaching allows us to really develop that critical thinking part of the brain and prepare us for bigger choices and decisions that are to be made in the future. To excel in the course and in Mikesbikes, Asking questions, analysing the situation and researching thought patterns is a crucial circle patterned to help us develop skills. This week in particular. Our group struggled in the certainty of decision making. The results were in shambles our individual SHV dropped and we had to decide on what to progress with in the coming roll-overs. Do we stick with the current strategy? or do we try something else. 

In the end, asking questions and being formative in presenting these ideas and questions to the group allowed us to progress decision making. We decided and agreed on a specific strategy to be used for the next rollover and only time can tell, whether the decision we made was effective. Similarly based on the sheer amount of questions and better understanding that we obtained from questioning. We were all more assured the decisions we made were more efficient.


BROOKS, A. W., & JOHN, L. K. (2018). The Surprising Power of Questions. Harvard Business Review96(3), 60–67. Retrieved from


  1. Hi Tony

    Great journal entry. Our team has also found that asking the right questions to make the right decisions go hand in hand.

    You have structured the journal nicely and I like how your introduction is filled with theory leading up to your problem of the week. 

    There is not much feedback for me to give. I do hope you read the other two articles of this week as they are also helpful in analysing human choices.

    I would also suggest focusing your articles a little bit more on yourself and the things you struggles with, rather then the team as a whole, otherwise great read!

    Good luck,


  2. Hey Tony,

    Great read! I found your journal was structured very well and it flowed quite nicely. I cannot seem to find anything negative to say about this journal except maybe trying to focus it more towards your own learning and struggles rather than the team issues. 

    Overall a great read and good luck for the next few rollovers!