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My group seems to be on a bit of a roller coaster. Not only in terms of results, but also in terms of confidence. This is usually based on the amount of cash we have to spend. And after this weeks rollover, makes me question myself as to whether we ever learn from our mistakes. Our mindset when we have a good week is that, if we invest more than we have, we should be able to get a large return on this and be able to become competitive with the teams in our division that seem to have skyrocketed. On the other hand, when we have a bad week, we are very hesitant to spend any money in fear of losing what little we have. This is generally what happens every second week, even though our reports show that the weeks when we spend less money, are the weeks when we have more overall success. I believe we are becoming too confident sometimes, and that is really destroying any long term strategy we may have had. So for me, coming to agreements with other team members has been a point of difficulty this week.
To get around this, I think we need to start to really stand up for what we believe in instead of just going along with things for the sake of positive group relations. We all have a similar level of knowledge with mikes bikes and have had the same amount of experience too. To aid this, I think we should have a group discussion, where we can openly share our thoughts on our spending habits, and make a solid and clear plan for our last few rollovers. Doing this may help to minimise any tension within the group and also provide a clear road to the finish line. By making this plan a reality, I strongly believe that we will be able to stop this roller coaster ride and have a stable ride to the end.


  1. It is a bit unfortunate the situation that your team finds themselves in, and I can imagine it must be quite difficult and stressful at times. It is great that you have outlined what you believe the group needs and I encourage you too voice this and 'stand up for what (you) believe in' as you so accurately described.

    One take-away is that all the journals must relate back to the readings for the week, and it is important you do this and gain perspective on your current situation. The readings are key in divulging new ideas, understanding, and hopefully avenues for success that you may not have considered in the past. The journals are as much about the comprehension of these readings as they are about your personal feelings of how the week went. 

    All the best to you, and your team!

  2. Hi Lauren,

    Firstly, I really liked how you ended nicely with blending your title into your finale (final sentence). But great job in persevering until the end even though you have had some bumps on the way. Yes, i think now would be the time to start speaking up about what you think or believe in and having group discussions would be very beneficial for your team. I know this to be true because this has immensely helped our team as well. Though it might be the third to last round, but hey...we make mistakes to learn from them.

    In week 4, I commented on how paragraphs would better express your thoughts and ideas; and I see that you have taken that into consideration and has helped the reader fully understand what your problem is and what solution you are planning to take. In addition, you have also put forward a very insightful and relevant example. However, I would suggest to apply the weekly readings to your writing, they would help bring about more ideas or potential solutions to your current problem. And I agree with Taniera Manaia,"The journals are as much about the comprehension of these readings as they are about your personal feelings of how the week went". 

    But Good luck in your future roll overs and the course (smile)