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Quite honestly my energy is being drained. I feel as though I am coming into these weekly entries super optimistic, determined that “this week” will be our week, that finally something might turn around? That our decisions may actually be “okay” – at this point “okay” would suffice… anything is better than the constant downward track we are following. But this week I don’t even have the energy to pretend. As a team we are fighting, don’t get me wrong; we are determined and this entry is in no way a sop story, “give up”, pity party or whatever else you want to call it. Instead this is a reality check.


Obviously our largest overall “problem” at current is the outcome of every roll over. As CEO I am finding it difficult to find innovative ways to remain competitive within the means and resources we have. Being realistic we just don’t have the capacity to act as a competitive company at the moment – rather our focus needs to be on functioning as a profitable entity. This problem is not a matter of us not making adequate decisions I think it is a result of us not having the resources that would enable our decisions to have an effect. We are having to make very compromised and specific decisions that other teams are not necessarily even having to question given their abundance of resources.


Now having a parent company I sort of thought that we would attain a bit more help than what we have and it devastating to hear that even our parent company is backing away from investing in us to focus on their own position – fair enough, but also they supposedly purchased us for a reason and we have had to succumb to their financial takeover therefore, it would only seem fair for them to follow through beyond a single week with looking at how the relationship could be mutually beneficial. To a reader of this journal again, I may appear to be pitying myself but when you’re in negative cash balance your focus is driven away from being competitive and instead toward being profitable. A profit is what is going drive our SHV immediately upward and given our current circumstances that means minimizing costs to the absolute maximum.


This week I called an emergency 8am Monday morning meeting to drill profitability and cost awareness into my teams focus as we approach this roll over. Within their own areas their primary duty is first to identify wasted resources, costs that are the lowest profit and where value is most greatly being elicited within their area. This was enforced so that come our Wednesday meeting they are prepared with reasoning why or why not our scarce resources should be used in particular areas. Setting such a firm focus directly in person and first thing Monday was important to me as it allowed the team to address current/potential problems and maximize the time each member had within the week to spend (within their own busy schedules) to what this may look like. However, I will admit I was a bit disappointed in the lack of urgency to remedy our current situation / acknowledgement of the dire situation from some members. However, I still think this meeting was essential in ensuring that everyone is focused on our team this week and keeping our heads up – rather than thinking of how we can compete with others – in this sense cost minimization (before even looking at sales) seems like the most logical approach to me and will ensure we really are spending how we perceive.


What has been super difficult in this whole process, however, is the reiteration of our decisions as being okay, or nearly certain to provide us a ‘certain’ (given predictions) outcome from not only our own members but from Peter, Smart Sims and our parent team. Having other reiterate and encourage our decision making has definitely made us feel less “dumb” but just reiterated the fact that our lack of resources has emplaced us in a “special” position whereby the usual rules of the game don’t generally seem to apply and we do in fact require adopting an alternative perspective to how the top teams may be approaching the simulation in these stages. I have learnt that we cannot rely on others and their perspective because the simulation does not go to plan, or we are on a different playing field (in the example of our parent company). Therefore, this week’s focus is Pedal and I am allowing a “profit” driven tunnel vision to be adopted if it means we can FINALLY attain a profit (and therefore, grow SHV!). 


  1. Hi Tayla,

    I am sure your team members would put this meeting in an important position and understand you, you are doing a great job as a CEO and hope you not putting much pressure on yourself. Good luck with the remaining rollovers!

  2. Hey Tayla, great learning journal this week. You write very clearly and go into great detail. For your next journal try using daudelins steps explicitly- this will help the structure of your writing. For example, put a title above each step or introduce it at the beginning of the paragraph. 

    Good luck for the rest of the semester! As Junqi said, try not to put too much pressure on yourself. 

    Renee (smile)