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Hard to believe that we are already finished with our practice rollovers, but now it is time for the practice decisions to be analysed and used to our advantage. Having our team dynamic come to light was very good for us in the sense that we are figuring out our roles. As a person who is indecisive I often find myself stumped when it comes to decision making and with our team consisting of people who are very confident in their ideas and strategies. This means I find myself taking a step back and doubting myself and in turn I believe that I have become and effective follower. According to Kelley (1988), an effective follower thinks for themselves and carry out their duties and assignments with energy and assertiveness and these are qualities which I believe I need to follow in order to contribute to the success of our team.

Another key role of being an effective follower is showing commitment to the goals of the team and in my scenario it would be to focus on the products that we are making in the simulation. This means that I need to input more hours of work outside of the designated three hours of lab time and analyse the reports in order to contribute to efficient decision making. This is just the start of the official rollover and with the knowledge and experience that our team possesses I am confident in what the future holds for us. 

Overall, I aim to improving as a follower and want to look at what I can do to improve group productivity.

Kelley, R. E. (1988). In Praise of Followers. Harvard Business Review, 66(6), 142–148. Retrieved from

1 Comment

  1. Hey Scott,

    Your journal was well read making it easy to follow. You portray your points with clarity showing me that you want to be an effective follower and are willing to improve as a team mate within your group to help the group succeed. It is good that you can recognise that you are indecisive and notice that being indecisive can hinder a group. It is also good that you have given points where you can further improve your goal of becoming an effective follower. I think that you could further reflect on yourself giving more time to reflect on what you are doing and what you should be doing.

    Thanks for handing it in late so I had something to review as I did the same.