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Our heated debate from last week came to an end when we finally came to a decision. The debate was if we should purchase another company or not, all having different arguments, discussions and disagreements were made. This put our team to the boiling point, the most heated our team has ever been, which was a difficult thing for us. We have always been very civil and worked well with one another, but in this debate we broke into two factions with different ideologies. I feel like us going through this experience has given us the opportunity to come closer together and to be able to work through these problems in the future. I am reminded of a quote from Clayton M. Christensesn, who posed the question "How can I ensure that my relationship with my family proves to be an enduring source of happiness?" In this simulation I look at my team as a family, all working together towards a common goal of increasing the share value of our company. I think that maybe thinking about our team as a family is the reason we have done so well so far. By treating each other as equals; we tend to not bicker, so when it happened this week it was a shock. Our family shouldn't be bickering, but otherwise be an enduring source of happiness. But I feel that we have over come the problems that arose, and came to a decision, which I believe was the correct one. To improve in the future we can look back at this movement whenever we disagree and learn how to make compromises with our decisions. We are all a family trying to achieve the same goal, so it shouldn't be hard to look at things from other peoples perspectives and come to a decision that makes us all happy. 


Harvard Business Review. Jul/Aug2010, Vol. 88 Issue 7/8, p46-51. 6p.


  1. Hey Shae, interesting read!

    Always interesting to see how teams handle cross roads.

    A suggestion from me is that some decisions might not make everyone happy - and that is okay!

    i like the quote you have used. Using Daudelin's framework could have helped structure your reflection (smile) 

  2. Hey Shae

    Your learning journal is pretty good. Interesting use of family here. I thought that may have been a bit of a stretch but you did make it link a bit which is good. One thing you could work on is your structure of you learning journal . You could use paragraphs which would make it easier to follow along and easier to see an outline of Daudelins structure.