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LJ08 2019

This week was our eighth class together as a group. We encountered some problems. Our group have been making small mistakes and we lost our footing a little in the last few rollovers. We got a little bit over confident and thought we knew what we were doing. We did not intend us to fall and did so badly in the last rollover. We never intend but we keep messing up little bits here and there and all these small mistakes has caught up have added up and we have fallen. We did not think we would, but we did.

This week was just us trying to get the company back up again. We made sure we have calculated everything correctly and we tried to cut cost as much as we could, as we think this would help us in the next future rollovers. It is a little bit demotivating when you take a really big hit. It is quite demotivating, but I am optimistic and really believed that all of us in a company can do it and we can bring it back up. We just need to question what we are doing wrong and be more aware and careful. According Brooks and John (2018), questions can make conversations and is more productive. We as a team can use this to see what each of us are doing and figure the problem.  

Besides that, I know it is coming to an end like we only have two more rollovers till it is over and everyone is getting more busier and more assignments are due, therefore people have other commitments they have to do but I think it is great how even though our members of the group have other commitments I think it is really great how everyone in the group is still committed to our group and company. So that’s refreshing, and it is good that we all want all of us to not fail the course. Moreover, after taking over the other company e all seem to be working well with each other. There do not seem like there is any hostility and it is great as we all help each other. I really do believe that with both companies’ combined we can do it and bring it back up.



1)      BROOKS, A. W., & JOHN, L. K. (2018). The Surprising Power of Questions. Harvard Business Review96(3), 60–67. Retrieved from



  1. Hi Natalie 

    It great how you identified your problems and finding ways to overcome it, but to be supercritical it shild be abit personal and focusing on what you learn from it, this will help you a lot for your summative journal. 

    Good luck with your future rollovers

  2. Hey Natalie

    Not a bad learning journal. Good job following Daudelins structure. Just one thing you could work on was you were a bit vague about the theory and the problem. It felt like the quote you put in was just slotted in and there wasn't much around that.



  3. Hey Natalie,

    I suggest you try and use Daudelin's structure more explicitly, using subheadings to structure your work. This would help clarify what parts of your writing are in which segment of Daudelin's structure and make sure you follow the structure. Problem definition → Analysis → Theory → Solution. 

    Further, I suggest you tailoring your journal more towards your own learning and experiences, as this will benefit your summative learning journal. 

    I hope the next few weeks will be more successful than the last few ones!