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This week’s readings were all about leading and following but honestly I had no time whatsoever to read them. As much as this week should have been about assessing the capabilities of our team’s CEO and deciding where I fit into the mix, it just wasn’t…

This week was about getting evil stares from the majority of the class reminding me of some high school horror. I was back where I haven’t been in four years: pretending to ignore the stares and whispers and pretending that it didn’t affect me… anyway, after following the advice of my team and Peter (kind of), I didn’t tell the class that we had put ourselves in a team. Not being very competitive, I couldn’t really see the point of hiding it. So this is kind of my tale of leadership and following; how I followed instructions. I feel like the whole situation was blown out of proportion and after resigning from the team that I saw as being too much drama, I was promptly told (in front of the whole class by Peter) that the team was not to split. OK. At that point it was clear that I just had to snap myself into the game. Everyone hates us without having understood our honest innocent intentions to eliminate ourselves from the selection process (or at least that was my intention) but I guess now its game on and it’s our team against the rest. I’ve learnt that no matter how old people are they all still have that somewhat resentful attitude that was drilled into them during their school years. The reason I think that is probably because I’ve been so naïve as to consider everyone to be understanding and people-focused like I am and they have proven me wrong. Maybe next week, once all of this drama has quietened down, I’ll be able to post a journal about my team’s leadership. Once I actually have a chance to get to know my team. 


  1. I like your honesty in your reflection but it is not our fault as students to perceive your actions (knowingly or not) as non-intentional.  Some students were made to feel beneath you and the integrity and dignity of these students were undermined publicly when you made your announcement.  Hence, I think the stares, whispers and carry on is the result of this but life must go on and so to, your study.  It is a pity that you have been treated as so but when you get angry, you say and do things that you regret later.  If anything, please go hard with your team, get to know them and if you get a chance, say sorry; as this is all you will be able to offer and move on.  You might even get kicked back for not reflecting on the readings for this week - and I hear you, who cares!

  2. I hope you don't mind me adding my two cents.

    I see your point and I think why you are getting those stares, is because we didn't have direct communication from your team.  To be honest I would rather have heard from your team face to face, rather than Peter. We all just wanted to know why this happened, your reasoning and intentions and what exactly happened. It felt like chinese whispers (sorry thats such a unpolitically correct term), I think we would understand better that way.

    Also you have to take into account this is a competitive environment with firms competing for highest shareholder values at this point. If this happened in another environment Im sure we wouldn't have reacted this way, I'm a peoples person too. I kid you not each semester I have new friends I've met through class or organisations, which I feel is the same as you. By no means am I justifying the classes actions towards you, I'm providing context to the reaction you are experiencing. Everyone in a team is seen to be part of your inner circle and the rest are perceived as outsiders who can be threats, its evolutionary psychology at its basic level. 

    I apologise on my behalf that I did contribute to that reaction, I wish your team would stand in front of the class and talk about what happened from your perspective and so we can communicate clearly and get this issue out of the way. I feel like the longer you leave it, the more isolated your team may get from the rest of the class and thats not ideal. 

    If not, leave this behind and just march on forward and all the best. Just keep your chin up and keep smiling.

  3. Hi Marina, interesting reflection!

    I understand where you are coming from, but in times like these is when leadership is crucial. Your post frustrated me a bit as you positioned yourself as the victim instead of taking what the class is saying on board, thinking about it and then responding. I would suggest to your team to develop a vision for how you want to play out the rest of the semester. Do you want to be the team that everyone hates? Do you even care?

    I think what disappointed me the most was how some students were put into teams and felt like they didn't have a chance and doing well in the rests of the course. Put yourself in their shoes and try comprehend the difficulties they must be facing right now when they were labeled as failures before they even met their team. Ultimately we are here to learn and I believe a mixture of SHV in teams would be the best way to do this. 

    Moving forward this will only impact you as much as you want it to, a lot of it can be controlled by your own perceptions. Embrace the chaos and maxamise your learning

  4. Hi Purnima and Joshua

    I am a part of this team and wrote my reading reflection about the situation that occurred this week and last, if you would like to understand what happened feel free to read it.

    I appreciate what you have said and It helps us to understand the situation from your point of view. Understanding your point of view (and the rest of the classes) provides more opportunity to understand and reflect on what has happened so we can all learn how to deal with difficult situations in the future, therefore I think the whole class has benefited from this mishap in some way- even though many may not see it at this stage.

    Part of me wishes we weren't in this situation as it would make life a lot easier at the moment, however part of me is glad the mistake occurred while I am at university rather than in the work place.

    I hope that when you read my reflection you will understand how the situation arose and you can learn from our mistakes too.




  5. So this has already been fairly thoroughly reviewed but in the spirit of grades I have to give my review too.

    Considering the fact that you've avoided the readings I'll focus on our week together...

    I think that the situation that we find ourselves in is not the best however it will provide a myriad of information for your summative learning journal, which ultimately this course is about. In my opinion you're right to get your head in the game, there is no point dwelling on things you cannot change, we should instead focus on the decisions we will need to make in the coming months. You and I will be working quite closely over the semester and I think that we'll learn more about each other in doing so. The fact that you're prepared to try your best is all anyone can ask of you. 

    And know that you have a very supportive team and head of operations behind you...