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Coming to the 8th journal, which has two more weeks to go. At this stage, some of the companies would say that the competition is getting more intense, but others may express the opposite depending on the current position. The good thing for Mikebike's simulator is that you can always come back and increase your rank if you are doing the right thing even till the last minute. But I would say, it is how much that we have learned from this competition instead of focusing on the rank place. I believe there is only one race which is how to beat the present self to become a better version of self. As an individual, my problem throughout the entire semester was that I do not like to ask questions. Due to my introverted personality, I have been fighting with myself all along the path and I hope more opportunities that I can work with other people as a team can help me to overcome the challenge. Because if I do not change the habit of asking questions, I might step into the wrong track that I would never be able to recognize by myself. This manner will only make me say overconfidently that "I probably know the answer" to avoid questioning (Brooks & John, 2018).

Questions are so important in Mikebikes for everyone as this simulator is kind of a brand new knowledge or activity that is completely different than other types of learning. It might be similar to BSG but with different rules, you would not be able to apply the same strategy on Mikebikes. Threw the sixty pages manual to you and "here we go, read by yourself". The manual might have some solutions inside but when it comes to the real competition, situational factors will rely on the team-based practical knowledge. As the course structure is different, Peter will be going around and helping students by making suggestions and advice. If we don't ask questions, we will never get the answer by just sitting there (Brooks & John, 2018). To get every resource that you can to improve business performance is how a good manager will do.

By reading this article, it impressed me how powerful a question can change the entire way of thinking. It will provide opportunities for everyone to regain the benefit if we could all listen to the right advice.


Brooks, W, A. & John, K, L. (2018). The Surprising Power of Questions. Harvard Business Review, 96(3), P60-67. Article retrieved from:


  1. Hi Jay, I really liked your insight on the reading this week. You really showed your understanding on the BROOKS reading. Naturally your examples and applications were great. I agree that without asking questions it would be difficult to achieve what you have so far. Its personally relatable that its sometimes difficult to ask questions, but hopefully this can be accomplished and questions in general will help benefit the overall structure of learning. You could elaborate a bit more on the performance as a group instead of individual review but overall. Great read. Keep up the good work.

  2. Kia Ora Jay,

    I agree with you in your journal writing about the competition shifting with some just trying to make a profit and others breaking away from the pack, especially for their SHV's, but we can only be positive and keep working hard. Your use of readings (Brooks) and one's self showed some good inward reflection for your summative journal. 

    Looking at improvements for next week, I would focus your challenge specifically and what are the examples, where a lack of asking questions led to you not performing well or what questions could you have asked and how that would improve your understanding. Also maybe following that a strategy that can be made to improve your communication and how Brooks provides examples of the importance of asking questions. Just some thoughts, overall I liked your journal.