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Articulating the problem: Our shareholder value has now dropped to $0.26 and we are now in last place. Our shareholder values keeps decreasing and we can not seem to get it back up since we had gone insolvent.

Analysis to explain the problem: Peter has given us advice multiple times and we always try to make adjustments based off of his comments. We have also emailed smartsims help multiples times, as well as been given advice from our parent company. We cannot figure out where we are going wrong, but we need to figure it out fast since we are running out of time. 

Theory to explain the problem: We are not putting in enough effort to figure out the real reason our SHV keeps dropping. We thought we had a clear understanding going into this simulation but our SHV has proven us wrong. We try to create calculations, come up with theories why are sales are dropping and make educated assumptions for why our shareholder value is so low, but we need a clear and definite answer to help us move forward.  

Action on the problem: This coming week we are going to sit down as a team and figure out what our exact problem is and figure out what our next move needs to be. We have agreed that we will sit down for as many hours as it takes to figure out what we can do to get our company shareholder back up before the end of the semester. We will also be emailed smartsims to try and get as much advise as they are allowed to give. Another aspect that we are going to focus on is making the communication to each department clearer. If one department is changing something, they need to tell the other department that it will affect so they can adjust accordingly. Overall, we are hoping for a better result next rollover and we are not giving up.



Wood Daudelin, M. (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Organizational Dynamics., 24(3), 36-48


  1. Hi Alea, 

    My team is genuinely going through the same issue as you, this was a great journal and I hope daudelin's reading did come in handy for your reflection. There are incredibly small details everyone misses with Mikes Bikes so you might have to go through every single report and deconstruct your business to find the issue. There's nothing wrong with your report but you could emphasise your market power in terms of your competition and go from there. I hope you guys end up raising your SHV. 

    Good Luck for the rest of the weeks! 


  2. Hi Alea,

    As with our team, you guys seem to be having a rough time with the simulation too. One suggestion I can give which I also recorded in my own learning journal is to try and get you and your team mates asking questions. Start challenging what you think might be going wrong. It's hard to make a change if you're not looking too and I personally think questions is a great place to start. 

    Hope the results come soon!