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I am feeling a little depressed this week. Our team has not performed very well in the Mikes Bikes simulation over the past couple of weeks. Our production is down and our sales and market share seems to be drifting away from us. Of course this is a problem that many manufacturers and service providers face all the time. The question that is foremost in our minds is what can we do to remedy the situation. There is no doubt that it is our team that has to take the action, as we cannot apportion blame or consequences for our previous decisions anywhere else but upon ourselves. Some would like to blame the market, or other misfortunes. However this does not wash with me as every team has to operate within the same restraints.


The good news is that there have been no personal recriminations within the team. It is now and has always been a team effort, and as in every team ever assembled thee are different levels of engagement and personal activity but we all agree that we are one. So the question remains, what can we do to improve our poor performance? I believe that individually and collectively we each possess the skill sets as outlined in the Katz (1955) article. We all possess to a certain degree the human, conceptual and technical skills that are required to perform. So the question remains what has gone wrong for us? What can we do to reverse the decline? Well, I think that we shall do what every self-respecting organisation would do in a similar situation. Call in the consultants. But who are we going to call? We can hardly go to PWC or any of the other big firms for help. But we can go to the tutor. We need to isolate two or three areas of concern and speak to the experts, and ask them for help.


Then all we need to do is to heed and action that advice. We had thought that we were sailing along quite nicely but now that we have hit a major bump it is time to realise that we have limitations and call the experts. I hope that it is not too late.




Katz, R. L. (1955). Skills of an effective administrator. Harvard Business Review, 33(1), 33-42.




  1. Thanks Stephen for your reflective piece for this week.  In answer to your statement in the last paragraph - no, it is not too late.  I like that you have stated quite clearly that you have a problem and you have looked at a couple of options of addressing this problem.  Can I ask if you are sure that every team member has the skill sets stated in the Katz reading?  Maybe look at a SWOT analysis to pinpoint where skills fall short within your group to assist one another as a team - and there is nothing wrong with helping one another but it does take a bigger and better someone to be honest and say they need help to their respective roles.  In relation to your comment in not incriminating one another, this is an example that helps me understand that your group is that bigger and better, than the MikesBikes competition itself.  Stephen, if you can change up your meetings so that it is not all business but there is an element of really getting to know one another as individuals working together as a team - this may help with your creativity to strive for a more favorable SHV for the next roll over.  I am sorry for your misfortunes but I felt like this at the beginning of the comp. and I had to change particulars so that my group did not feel that we would compete and die.  If anything, stay positive.  As for asking in the experts - target Peter Smith in emails, meet with him and chat with other CEOs who have had some good results in the last couple of roll-overs, like Shanghai Cycles in the China market and the CEO is Shannon, really go out and think outside the box.  You can do it!  Stay strong and exercise all the powers you have as the skilled administrator in accordance to the Katz reading in search of a remedial option, maintaining factors and innovative role from depression to some success as CEO and enterprise.  Kia manuia - good luck, Nga  

  2. Hi Stephen,

    I do agree with you that it seems as if there is no place to seek for help for our simulation, our group has also performed worse than our expectation and currently we're also wondering what is it that we can do, how to we resolve this situation.

    However to improve the quality of your journal it seems like you've only articulated the problem so far and has suggested some sort of action based on the articulation of your problem, I suggest you spend your next journal analysing the problem that's identified to really dig in to the core of the problem instead of simply stating your concerns.

    good luck for the up coming roll over!