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This week was an interesting one. Our team started off the week deciding on the big, overall decisions and strategies which would guide all our future choices. A lot easier said than done! With the readings being on leadership and followership, it was interesting to look at how we made these decisions in relation to what the readings said.

Firstly, leadership. If I had to put our CEO in one of the six styles of leadership that Spreier, Fontaine and Malloy (2006) described it would be a participative leadership style. This week most, if not all, of our decisions seemed to be collaborative and everyone had an equal opportunity for input. In some ways I feel this was quite good as it helped us to align all our points of view and create a strong way forward as a team that we all agreed on and understood. I think this is going to help us as followers in the coming weeks as we know where the team is heading, what we are trying to achieve and we can now focus on how we can get their individually and within our specific roles.

So looking forward to future decisions. I think we have put ourselves in a strong position but to become completely effective followers (Spreier, Fontaine & Malloy, 2006) we need to start being more independent and trust the decisions we make, and trust our team to make strong decisions as well. If this week’s results are anything to go by, then our team shouldn’t have a problem.


Kelley, R. E. (1988). In praise of followers. Harvard Business Review, 66(6), 142—148

Spreier, S. W., Fontaine, M. H., & Malloy, R. L. (2006). Leadership run amok. Harvard Business Review, 84(6), 72--82


  1. I felt that your journal for this week was simple but effective. I liked the way you analyzed the leadership style of your CEO. THe way you analysed the effects of this for your team was very effective. I feel that the paragraph on followership lacked depth, if you had approached it the same way you approached the previous paragraph it would have been more effective.      

  2. I think you've shared some really good experiences and have linked that back to the theory but I'm just not too sure on what you learnt. I think you would make the reflection stronger by presenting what you have learnt. Hope that helps (smile)