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In the first week of practice round, each of our team members presented board of directors. The more cooperation occurred in group, the more effective outcome we get. In the process of CEO's leadership, she tried hard to put all of us together as she organises extra meeting and sets up Google drive. Regarding to Collins's article (2005), he identifies the characteristics common to level 5 leaders: humility, will, ferocious resolve, and the tendency to give credit to others while assigning blame to themselves. Sufficient level 5 leadership creates a culture of discipline through hierarchy, but in our group, each member is considered in equal level of position. Our responsibility is to handle the operations in our areas. I am the human resource manager in the company. My job is to understand employees and make sure they can perform well in their positions. The changing human resources role fits the needs of contemporary workplaces. The fast changing environment focuses more on employees' personal benefits and welfare; not just for the basic core needs but also for mental satisfaction. People feel themselves valuable in where they are confident and comfortable of. Labour turnover is rapid nowadays so that communication seems to be vitally important. “Not all corporate success is due to leadership” (Kelley, 1988). Leadership is not everything; it would be irrelevant without good followers. When we all expect to have a well-trained leader in order to be successful, that will not be the correct point of view anymore. Followers are required to grow and develop themselves as well as keeping willingness to pursue organisational goals with enthusiasm and energy. The passion for the team refers to people's head, heart, and hand. Head is about thinking, Workers had better think rather than being passively work-directed. Heart refers to how passionate would the worker be in the organisation. Lastly hand is action. If we just sit there and think without action, any idea is just fantasy. It will not be implemented.



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Kelley, R. E. (1988). In praise of followers. Harvard Business Review, 66(6), 142-148


1 Comment

  1. I enjoyed seeing the connections you made with the situation from the week in your team, and as the HR manager, in relation to this weeks readings. I agree with you that without followers, leadership is void and the passion of the team is reflected through the head, heart and hands. 

    For future reflections it would be good to see more of your personal experiences shine through in your readings i.e. more about how your contributions affected the team or what you thought of the weeks occurrences. 

     Otherwise, well done Jude (smile)