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As the semester draws to a close, one of the things coming to my mind is what I will take out from this course. What will stay with me other than the grade at the end? One of the things that comes to mind is how my group and I planned not just for the rollover that is upcoming but also those rollovers that are still a few weeks away. The strategies that we come up with look at the long term are what I want to incorporate into my life. I will again stray away from Daudelin’s to talk about this.

As a team competing for the top position in the simulation, we have a clear goal of what we want to do as stated in Christensen (2010), having a clear goal/purpose is essential. Now with this clear goal we can make steps to achieve this. These steps acted like short-term goals we needed to achieve so that our long-term goal seemed more achievable. Each goal we completed, the closer we get to achieving the main goal. But in achieving each step meant that we had to make decisions into what to invest in. Do we increase factory cap or increase our quality? Our resource allocation was key to achieving each step. Sometimes things happen that can prove fruitful, but we have to remember that the opposite can also happen. So, in preparing for the rollovers we hope for the best but make sure that we can recover when things go bad.

With what has been previously said in mind, I thought about how exactly I would put this into practice. The long-term goal for me would be finishing my degree and the short-goals would be the doing well in the papers that I have picked. The time allocated to assignments is of course the resource allocation. With this in mind, it makes how you spend your time affect how well you do. Little time spent in one subject to will result in poor grades. So how we allocate it is all the more important.


Christensen,C.M, 2010, How Will You Measure Your Life?, pg 46-51, Retrieved from:


  1. Hey Sachin,

    Overall your journal was easy to follow and gave me a good idea of your current situation, few grammatical errors here and there but with the summative in mind, I like how your reflecting on what you can take away from this course.
    I'm just wondering if you could maybe unpack your goals and decisions a little bit more. For example if your using short terms goals as steps to take for the long term goal maybe you could talk more about the steps you personally took to reach those short terms goals as Well. Self reflecting right down the smallest details will help give us more content to support whatever the main point of our summative is.

    Good luck :)

  2. Kia Ora Sachin

    I like the approach you took to your journal this week. Good use of personal experiences and group/personal goals. An area I would look at developing is your strategies to allowing yourself to reach those goals. I also like the balance in the journal between Mike Bikes and your overall experience as well.

    Enjoyed your journal,