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This week has been an extremely interesting time within my team, so my reflection will have a focus on this. The thought of taking over another team has been something we have ruled out from the start, however some discussion with Peter has changed our stance on this. The nature of rejecting and ignoring opportunities is not common with me as I usually have an open-mind and deliberately never rule out anything as I like to take opportunities as they come. Therefore this week I reflected on how individually I wouldn’t rule out opportunities, but within a group I did.

As CEO I discouraged the idea of a takeover as I wanted our team to focus on simplicity and efficiency to gain success. After talking with Peter this week we soon realized that a takeover was a more valuable component than we had first anticipated. On reflection I realized how I might have been worried about performing well within my role and what others thought of my position of takeovers. This made connections with the idea of a group conforming to the opinions of others, resulting in groupthink, Buchanan& O'Connell (2006). I make the connections with groupthink here as it is quite out of character for me to rule out options that could be made in the future. I have lived my time at university with the motto of taking opportunities as they come and I tend to never want say never.

This had made me realize how dangerous groupthink can actually be and how oblivious I was to it. Without the discussion with Peter we would have never paid attention to potential takeovers and missed opportunities to increase our SHV.


Although I could say moving forward I will be more conscious on staying true to my characteristics in regards to decision-making, however this example reveals how easily the threat can be missed. So coming to the end of this week I know think this can only be overcome by experience. Having experience allows my integrity as a person to grow and should develop myself to have a stronger individual perspective in a team environment.


Buchanan, L. & O'Connell, A. (2006). A brief history of decision making. Harvard Business Review, 84(1), 32--41

1 Comment

  1. Hi Joshua,

    Just had a quick read on your week04 learning journal. Congrats! Your journal is much more substantial than before! I enjoyed reading your journal about your team's take-over. Actually, your team case made me consider whether our team should not 'rule out' acquisition, as our team always get similar SHV with yours.

    However, backing to your writing, I am not sure whether you read this week's articles or not. If you did, your journal must be significantly substantial! Anyway, good luck with your team performance.