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Daudelin (1996), articulation of the problem:
This week a problem for our team was struggling to keep up our drive, while we feel we are losing our energy in this simulation.

Analysis of the problem:
This problem has stemmed from our shareholder value being very plateaued from week 1 to where we are now.  On the surface this may not seem like a big problem; after all we are retaining our SHV throughout potentially risky business development and at least we are not going down; but really it is not doing us any favours either.  Since we didn’t get lucky with entering a market no other team entered early on, we have just been chugging along, doing well but not generating any excitement or feeling of success.

This has left us feeling very mutual about our decisions, we could be giving them more interest and putting in more effort, but we think we won’t see any better results.


Daudelin (1996), formulation and testing of a tentative theory to explain the problem:
This relates to The Body, The Emotions and The mind of energy in Tony Schwartz reading ‘Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time.’  It seems our Physical Energy, Quality of Energy and Focus of Energy has burnt out as this semester has gone on (Schwartz, 2007).  This is likely to be from initial excitement not being fed by feelings of reward and achievement.  As a result our efforts and energy has begun to lack.


Final stage of Daudelin (1996), decisions around actions (or lack of):
I need to remember that it takes time to build shareholder value and to keep my energy and effort up right until the end of the semester. 


Daudelin, M. W. (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Organizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36-48

Schwartz, T. (2007). Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time. Harvard Business Review85(10), 63–73. Retrieved from


  1. Hi Zoe i understand your problem. You feel like there's no excitement and it is making you guys not put in as much effort, But on the positive side at least your SHV is retained and it is not the bad being in the middle of the pack as well as you never know maybe in the next rollovers you guys will do really well! You guys got this and good luck for the next few rollovers. Keep going! 

  2. Hi Zoe

    It's a shame that your shareholder value has been stagnant. Obviously everyone wants ti go up each week. I think that a problem you have is that your solution doesn't really tackle how you will improve, and just says that you will try to improve. Well thought out plans would be the only way to go forward from now to increase your value and do better. Good luck (smile)