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After reading this week’s reading by Jon R. Katzenbach and Douglas K. Smith, I was left feeling somewhat apprehensive about being assigned our project groups later on in the week. I was feeling this way because in the reading it highlighted a variety of potential problems groups can face, and it also showed that a group of people does not necessarily form a team.

Katzenbach & Smith (1992) show that merely calling a group of people a team does not make it one. This was a key point of the reading that stuck with me, and has stuck with me throughout the week because it got me thinking about how important the group members will be that are in my group for the mikes bikes simulation. I came to the conclusion that I was placed in a group with people that had similar goals and work attitude to me then there would be a much higher chance of us forming a functional team.

Now, at the end of the week, the groups have been assigned and I can honestly say that I believe if what Katzenbach & Smith (1992) said about groups becoming teams is true, then we will in no time be a highly productive team. We all have similar goals, work ethics and interests, which will allow us to effectively bridge the gap between groups and teams.

Another section of this week’s reading I found interesting was the complimentary skills mentioned in Katzenbach & Smith (1992)’s reading. They broke this up into three sections, Technical expertise, problem solving and decision making skills and Interpersonal skills. Katzenbach & Smith believe that effective teams have the right mix of all three of these aspects in order to be able to perform efficiently. From the position I am in, after the hour I have spent with my team, it is clear to me that we have a great deal of interpersonal skills, as for the other two on the list only time will tell.

Overall at this stage of the group work I am happy with the team I have been placed in and am looking forward to future experiences with them to see how we progress, either as a group, or as a team.

Katzenbach, J. R. & Smith, D. K. (1992). Why teams matterMcKinsey Quarterly, (3), 3--27


  1. Enjoyed reading your journal. Most of the things you mentioned were things that I also mentioned in my journal, meaning that we had similar experiences when it came to the groups that we had been assigned. I felt particularly nervous about my group as well, however, after we sat down and introduced ourselves, I think we will be a highly effective team too.

    Its great to see that you mentioned that you were feeling a bit apprehensive after reading the Katzenbach reading, but maybe you could have highlighted specifically on the points that made you feel that way. Understanding why you were feeling that way could help you solve those problems when they arise...if they arise, because you will be able to identify them and know how to deal with them.

    I am glad that you are happy with your new potential 'team' mates. Excellent work on your second journal.

  2. Your journal entry for this week was very similar to my own. Like yourself, I was also nervous about meeting my 'team' after reading the key readings for this week as the readings really did put pressure on what would make a group into a team. 

    I really enjoyed reading your journal as I thought it had a great level of emotion and also theory and your theory was backed up by your personal experiences. I feel that now that you have read about teams and been delegated a group to form a 'team' your understandings of the limitations that can arise are going to help you be an effective team member. Your journal shows that you have read and understood the text and also the way in which you have thought about it and written your journal in a way possesses the characteristics of reaching those higher stages of learning.

    Good luck with your team and your mikes bikes simulation!