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Over the last few weeks, after some good roll-overs for my team, we have been frustratingly stuck in second place and feeling as though we are to be stuck there for the rest of the semester. Our problem this week was trying to figure out how we can get on top of this other group and find a way to set ourselves apart in a crowded market. In a sense this isn't a huge problem in terms of context as we can't really be unhappy for being in second place, however we feel as though we have tried so hard to beat the other guys and they keep staying in front of us and so we feel it is a problem for us. 

So why haven't we been able to surpass these other guys in the standings? perhaps they're just too good and they're decisions are working really well for them and there isn't actually anything we can do. Another possible reason is that my team and I aren't making risky enough decisions in order to make big gains. We have tended to make slightly safer decisions which has allowed us to consistently move up the rankings and has actually been rather beneficial to us as it seems other teams have made riskier decisions and it looks as though they're suffering for it. Good news for us is that it looks as though this is possibly happening to the the team ahead of us. Over the last two rollovers the gap between us and the team ahead has become smaller and smaller as it looks as though they're starting to take a slide. I don't mean to sound evil but i hope they crash and burn and let us overtake them.

Our market has been crowded with far too many bikes from all the other firms in our market and for us to be able to move up into 1st place, we need to find a way of differentiating ourselves. We made the decision that we were gonna try to undercut the other teams and price our bikes just a little bit lower than them so that the theoretical customers will be more inclined to buy ours. This coupled with a few other decisions and strategies of which I'm not at liberty to share made us very hopeful that this could be the week that we surge into the lead. Thursday rolled around and i found myself nervously sitting around for half an hour leading up to the 5 o'clock rollover to see what was going to happen and before I even looked at the result someone from my team had already shared the great news on our Facebook page, we had finally overtaken them!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Although our SHV hadn't risen dramatically, it was enough to leap ahead of the other team as it looks like their slide has definitely continued as they made quite a large drop and look as though they may be out of contention for the top stop (at least i hope so). So this has been a pretty good week for our MGMT 300 team and i hope so very much that we are able to hold this good form for just one more week as i feel I will need these good marks as i fear that my summative learning journal may lack amazement. 


  1. Hi Cameron

    Well done for doing so well (and overtaking  - [I think it's] us!) - you've made good progress!

    I like how your journal centers around a problem that you'd had (frustratingly staying in second place) and then has looked back at solutions that you've come to, and finally covers how that solution worked. I do think that you could have gone into a little more depth in this - for example, what other proposed solutions did you have before deciding that that was the best one? How can you make sure that you continue to do what's working right now? Also, I think that focusing on yourself and your own personal learning would benefit your summative learning journal - so while you may have learnt things as a team, how do you as an individual see this changing your behaviour - if it will at all?

    A quick edit at the end would also help - keep those 'I's uppercase!

    And don't write off the summative yet - you've still got plenty of time to write it and add in that "amazement" factor!

    Hope this helps, and all the best (smile)

  2. I agree with the above comment that you have defined a clear problem and also the part about focusing on your individual learning more. I have also received this feedback myself and would encourage you to use it to further improve your summative journal that I am sure you will do well in. By focusing on your individual learning more and using Daudelin's structure as a tool to find better structure you will be able to dramatically improve the quality of your reflection. For example you could go into further depth about how you are planning to achieve/ overcome your problem. Punctuation is sound and you have utilized Blooms taxonomy well. I think this is a good journal that just is in need of minor tweaks. Well done and all the best for the final simulation roll over! =)