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And the bicycle race has begun!  

This week has been one filled with a few ups and downs from the stress of creating any form of SHV and attempting to find my place within my MikesBikes team.  Initially I thought I would be handing in my CV with a $0.01 SHV since the programme was determined that I would have no chance of getting or above $25.  Thankfully after a few deep breaths and many cups of peppermint tea later I was able to think about the project logically, reflect on my previous mistakes and tackle the problem from a new angle, which allowed me to increase my SHV without breaking my laptop into a million pieces (Daudelin, 1996).  I found the stimulation hard overall, since until my epiphany I had no idea what I was going to do and this in turn made me doubt my ability to contribute anything towards my team when the multi-player stimulation would be given to us.  It almost made me consider leaving the course since in general I do not like to let people down and especially when it is something that does require a group effort in order to succeed.  But perseverance and a positive outlook apparently allowed me to achieve my goal and get over the $25 required.  

Then came the next challenge of the week.  Finding out our teams.  In general the concept of being put into teams without any knowledge about the other people is daunting enough but then to know that we are participating in a stimulation that I struggled with allowed my anxiety to heighten and made me begin to doubt myself.  In our teams I wanted to be the marketing manager since I also have a marketing and psychology major, but was given my second choice of being the human resources manager.  I guess since I chose it I can't really blame anyone but myself for getting this role, and I guess that if I am going to learn something new I should welcome this opportunity that has been given to me.  

So, my question therefore, is what does my role require me to do and how can this contribute to my team and our decisions.  The HR manager tends to charged with the responsibility to hire and fire employees, the quality of the production and the wage rates.  This is also combined with the duties outside of the simulation such as strategy and to monitor the teams performance.  I will be striving to achieve this without micro-managing and by ensuring that all of the team members have a common approach to the methodology we adapt to tackle our task (Katzenbach & Smith, 1992).  In general, I found that my team appears to have similar personality types and we all have times when we are able to meet and discuss our work together, which allows our communication and aims for our project to be concrete and known.  Overall, looking forward to the next phase within this course and seeing where it takes me, but currently I believe that the future is bright and that the possibilities that have been given to us are endless in what we can achieve.  Let the bicycle race begin!


Katzenbach, J. R. & Smith, D. K. (1992). Why teams matterMcKinsey Quarterly, (3), 3—27 

 Daudelin, M. W. (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Organizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36-48.


  1. Overall a good journal entry that reflects well on the trials and tribulations you faced during the previous week. Your third paragraph I felt was the strongest as it seemed to have a good balance of theory and personal reflection which gave your questions surrounding a HR manager's job a good depth and a more full-feeling explanation.

    I feel obliged to point out that when I read your first paragraph, initially I though you were using an amusing reference to Daudelin that somehow involved the smashing your laptop. Having reread the sentence I assume the reference was in fact referring to the tackling of 'the problem from a new angle' which is much more sensible! Regardless of intention, I got a good chuckle out of it but you may want to think about where you insert your bracketed references in the future as some markers can get a bit picky (This has happened to me). Cheers

  2. I really enjoyed your reflection and your feelings of anxiety over your ability to contribute to our team are feelings that i can relate to! You have done well to incorporate the readings into your reflection process which shows your ability to critically think/analyse. Your reflection follows Daudelin's reflection process and the 'action' you have chosen to take indicates a very positive start!
    The only suggestion that i would make is to reflect on multiple solutions (rather than one) to address your problem of what the HR role entails. For example, you could research the related material to the HR position from the SmartSims manual and/or  analyse the reflection journals of HR managers from previous semesters.