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In week 3, we finally started working as a team to compete and achieve a particular goal in MikesBikes simulation. What especially surprised me is that everything I felt in team works was way more impressive than I expected. The impression from week 3 motivated me to write about what made me so impressed at colleagues or the leader.

First, the responsibilities and efforts of my colleagues for individual tasks and research allowed me to consider them as high quality workforces. My view for team members can be supported by the essential factors for effective followers provided in the article “In praise of followers” (Kelly, 1988). In order for followers to become more effective, the skills of self-management, maximizing their impacts on the team, or some degrees of honesty/reliability are required (Kelly, 1988). Since members in my team apparently have those capabilities, those factors should be regarded as good benchmarks to measure the quality of followers. However, I personally think that just having those abilities may not be enough to obtain the complete reliance of other members because there must be the differences of their quality such as differences of efforts, self-confidence, accuracy of research, or honesty. In such situation, what helps members respect or rely on others is probably whether he or she can be more than others expected. It can be said that a number of people tend to define other people even in their first meeting by prejudice or bias, and those are hardly changed until something special occurs. Since my team members not only met the requirements for being great followers but also contributed to our team more than I expected, I was impressed so much.


So, what about the leader? According to the article “Leadership run amok” (Spreier, 2006), I reckon that our leader can be regarded as directive in particular rather than any other leadership styles. Our leader tries to control member’s behavior with emphasizing our individual responsibilities for each task, which strongly makes us work hard and be responsible to achieve tasks. This may give some negative imaginations to the readers of my journal. However, the particularly good point for the style of our leader is that he will totally rely on the outcomes from each department as he believes that what the heads of each department decide is the best for our company. As a result, we are highly motivated to complete the tasks with responsibilities and be more than expected even though allocated tasks seem difficult to be done.

As you can see, the journal I wrote at this time really focused on how awesome the team members are, but of course there are some problems which should be improved. For instance, we need more integration with each department in order to be more effective as a team because the time is always limited and our tasks are obviously inter-related with each other so much. I believe that such integration will definitely be helpful for maximizing the opportunities to become an effective member and team, but this topic appears to be about the team effectiveness or goal achievement. Therefore, I will write something about this when I get the  good opportunities.


Kelley, R. E. (1988). In praise of followers. Harvard Business Review, 66(6), 142--148

Spreier, S. W., Fontaine, M. H., & Malloy, R. L. (2006). Leadership run amok. Harvard Business Review, 84(6), 72--82


  1. Nice to hear praise for your team and your leader, it is not what I usually hear from people so it is great that you are happy in your team. I really enjoyed and agree with what you said about respect being gained from performing exceedingly greater than the expectations of your peers. You had application of relevant theory from this week but perhaps to improve your journal next week you could have a better flow by following Daudelin's  reflection process, personally I have found this to be an amazing guide. I feel that it really does guide you to pin point key takeaways from the week. One more thing is that you should reconsider the wording of some of your sentences as the difficulty in interpreting them took away from the overall value of your journal. Try reading them out loud to check if they sound good or get a friend to read over them. Great effort this week, and keep it up. All the best to you and your team.

  2. This is a fantastic reflection of your week in relation to the readings. I think you have thoughtfully analysed what has happened in this week and what you have learnt. The way that you talk about your team with such praise shows that it is likely that the insight provided with the readings can only advance your team to being more of an inclusive group. If I could offer any constructive criticism I would recommend that you pay a little more attention to editing- some sentences (eg- What especially surprised me is that everything I felt in team works was way more impressive than I expected.) can seem a little muddled, something which a little editing can always solve. Otherwise you have done a brilliant job and keep up the great work!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your journal entry for this week. I liked how you discussed the important concepts that was in the readings and incorporated it with your own experiences, I find that it shows great understanding. You highly regard your team members and I feel that it is a good thing in terms of successfully working together as a team. It is also great to see that you have described room for improvement which demonstrates a successful reflection process. Overall great journal and goodluck to you and your team!